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The Ultimate Baby Shower Checklist

Baby Shower Checklist

Are you the designated wedding planner for the mum to be? Are you the mum to be and want to do know what to do about the baby shower? Whether you're a mum to be or the designated planner, here is a complete baby shower checklist of everything you need to do from 10 weeks before right through to the day itself.

Having a baby shower should be one of the highlights of the pregnancy. It gives friends and family the chance to treat the mum to be to all kinds of gifts. Because this is such a special day, you certainly don't want to waste it by forgetting things. This is exactly why I have put together a checklist so you make this a day to remember.

10 Weeks Before The Baby Shower

Choose Who Should Host The Baby Shower

As a mum to be, one of the first things you need to think about and decide on is who will be the designated baby shower planner. You're going to be too busy looking after yourself in the late stages of your pregnancy and so you don't want the added stress of organizing a party. This is why many mum to be’s choose their mum, sister or best friend to organise the baby shower.

While you want to choose someone to take of your baby shower to take the burden from you, you still need to make sure that they want to organise a baby shower for you as they could have too much on their plate already themselves. Be open and honest with whomever you have in mind so they are open and honest with you.Don't take offence if they cannot or gaze the baby shower for you.

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Set A Budget For The Baby Shower

After you have chosen who will organise the baby shower, one of the first questions they will ask is how much you want to spend on the baby shower. This will help them budget for things to make sure the baby shower isn't a financial burden and stays fun and light-hearted.

You may also need to talk to your husband or partner about the budget for your baby shower but bear in mind that you will receive plenty of gifts such as clothes, diapers, milk pumps, baby bottles and more. The mum to be usually gets plenty of gifts at the baby shower that she won't have to buy herself and so keep this in mind when deciding on the budget for the baby shower.

Pregnant woman with money.

Choose The Baby Shower Venue

One of the most exciting aspects to planning the baby shower is choosing the venue. The first thing you need to decide is whether you will a have the baby shower at your house, at a friends or family members house or whether you will hire a venue. If you decide to have the baby shower at your own or someone else's house then you won't need to do much else at this point until later on. If you decide that you'd like to hire a venue then you'll need to write down a list of possible venues, call around and ask for quotes and then visit those that fit within the budget to choose which one you like best.

Remember, if you expect there will be a lot of people at the baby shower, you will be better hiring a venue. Home baby showers are more for those who have a small number of guests.

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Pick A Date For The Baby Shower

You're going to need to give the baby shower guests plenty of notice beforehand so choose a date for the baby shower that is roughly in 10 weeks’ time. This will not only give your guests plenty of notice but will also give you plenty of time to organize food, decorations and games for the baby shower.

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Make The Baby Shower Guest List

This should be the fun part of planning the baby shower, choosing who will attend. If you're planning the baby shower on behalf of the mum to be then draw up a list of friends and family members that are close to the mum to be. These could be old school friends too. You can get ideas of who the mum to be might want to attend the baby shower by looking at who she is friends with on Facebook.

Once you have drawn up the list of potential guests, you can then show it to the mum to be for her to make any adjustments. The mum to be chose you to be the designated planner because she has other things to worry about. Making the initial list for her to simply adjust is a great way to help that task away from her.

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6 Weeks Before The Baby Shower

Choose The Theme For The Baby Shower

After doing the initial planning, you can leave it for around a month and start up again with 6 weeks to go. One of the first things you'll need to do now is choose the theme for the baby shower. This should be super fun and can be done with the mum to be too. Before speaking to the mum to be though, head to Pinterest to find some great baby shower theme inspiration that the mum to be might like. You can save the images to your phone or tablet to show to the mum to be so she can easily choose which theme she likes best.

There are plenty of baby shower theme ideas to choose from such as baby balloons, fantastical forest, winnie the pooh and more.

Party table

Send Out The Baby Shower Invitations

It is time to notify the baby shower guests when the baby shower is by sending out your invites. This can either be in a traditional invite through the post or as a Facebook event invite. Whichever you choose, you will need to include a nice image and create some text to excite the guests so that they will go. You will also need to include your telephone number so they can RSVP.

Baby shower invitation

Buy Or Make Baby Shower Decorations

Again, this is another really fun part of the baby shower planning. By now, you and the mum to be should have already decided on the theme for the baby shower. Now it is time to plan what decorations you will and/or buy to create the baby shower theme. Again, you can head to Pinterest to find plenty of great ideas for baby shower decorations that you can make yourself. This will not only save money but it will actually add extra TLC that the guests will truly appreciate.

Party poms cheery blossom shower

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Buy Or Make Baby Shower Favors

As well as choosing which baby shower decorations to make or buy, you will also need to plan what you will give for the baby shower favors. These do not have to be expensive and can be very simple and cost hardly anything. Guests make an effort to buy the mum to be gifts that she will need when the baby arrives so it is a nice thought to gift something back to them to say thank you. This could be as simple as tying a ribbon around a packet of sweets or tying a stack of homemade cookies together to gift.

favor bags

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Buy Or Make Baby Shower Centerpieces

Another thing you will need to decide on is whether to make or buy the baby shower centerpieces. I went to a baby shower recently and the grandmother to be made the centerpieces herself by simply tying cute baby blue ribbon around mason jars and putting baby breath flowers in the mason jars. This was so simple yet absolutely perfect for the baby shower. You can be as creative as you want when it comes to the baby shower centerpieces and they will really bring the theme of the baby shower to life.

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Plan The Baby Shower Menu

The last thing you will need to do 6 weeks before the baby shower is to plan the menu. Decide on whether you and a few of your friends and family will be making the food or whether the budget will allow for a caterer. After you have chosen which is best, decide on what type of food you will want at the baby shower; hot food, cold food, sweets, cakes etc.

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A Month Before The Baby Shower

Arrange For Any Extra Help Needed

You will not need to plan anything for another 2 weeks until it is a month before the baby shower. Now you will need to decide whether you will need any extra help before and on the day of the baby shower such as friends to help with the food, decorate the venue and take gifts from the party to the mum to be's house. After you have decided what you will need help with, choose who will be best to help and let them know exactly what you will need.

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Order The Baby Shower Cake

If you are hiring a caterer to make the cake for the baby shower, now is the time to call them and arrange it to be made so it will be done in time for the baby shower. Even if you aren't hiring a caterer, now is the time to plan who will be making the cake for the baby shower. If a friend or family member will be making it, then now will be a good time to tell them that you will require their help with the cake.

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Buy Or Make The Baby Shower Thank You Cards

This may seem strange to write the baby shower thank you cards before the baby shower has taken place but believe me when I say that you'll be grateful you done it now and not after the baby shower. You can write the addresses of all guests on the thank you cards and pay for the postage to give to the mum to be to write her own message on the thank you cards after the baby shower. All she will have to do is write a personal thank you and post them. You will have done the east for her.

Thank You Card

Prepare Some Baby Shower Games

Here is another fun part to the baby shower planning… preparing the baby shower games. There are plenty of great game ideas you and the guests can play at the baby shower such as guess the baby’s weight, guess the date of birth, guess the size of the bump and guessing who is who from their baby photos. There are plenty of great baby shower games to play so have a good research and think about what the mum to be would be comfortable with too.Once you have decided what games you want to play in the baby shower, you will need to determine what you will need to play those games. You may need small prizes paper, pens, string, ask guests to bring a baby photo. You don't want to end up not playing a game on the day because you have forgotten something.

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A Week Before The Baby Shower

Chase Any Invitees Who Haven't RSVP’d

There are always stragglers when planning parties who are either too busy to RSVP or keep forgetting to RSVP. Week before the baby shower, chase any stragglers that haven't RSVP’d and remind them that you need to know numbers so you cater for them. Everyone should know whether they can attend or not at this point.

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Put Together The Baby Shower Goody Bags

As well as the baby shower favors, you may wish to also give away goody bags especially if there are kids attending the baby shower. Again, these don't have to be expensive and could just be a slice of the baby shower cake and a few sweets. You can also get paper bags to suit your baby shower theme from sites such as Etsy.

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Plan How To Get The Baby Shower Gifts Home

The one thing that many people forget when it comes to the planning of the baby shower is how to get the gifts from the venue back to the mum to be's house. If there are quite a lot of people expected to attend the baby shower then you can expect quite a lot of gifts, possibly even some large ones. You will need to plan for this and ask friends and family to help get the gifts from the venue to the home of the mum to be.

Baby Shower gifts

Choose Who Will Take Photos On The Day

The mum to be will want plenty of photos to remind her of how much her friends and family care for her and how she celebrated the upcoming birth of her baby boy or baby girl. If the budget does not cover for a professional photographer then choose a friend or family member to act as the photographer on the day. You can then organize those photos into a beautiful album for the mum to be after the baby shower as well as send her the digital copies.

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Have A Spring Clean

If the baby shower is going to be in your house, then you will need to do a spring clean around a week before the baby shower. You don't want to leave it a couple of days before the baby shower as you will be too busy taking care of other things so a week before is just about right. If you’re hiring a venue then you won't need to do anything here.

Spring cleaning

Buy Serving Dishes And Cutlery For The Baby Shower

Another thing that many people forget about is buying serving dishes and cutlery if they aren't hiring a caterer. If you're planning on making the food yourself then you will of course, need serving dishes to place of the buffet table, paper plates for guests to put their food on and cutlery for the guests to eat. By now, you should know how many guests will be attending the baby shower to decide how many serving dishes and cutlery you will need.

sweet and saucy

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Shop And Cook If Needed

Again, if you're cooking the food for the baby shower yourself, then cook anything that can be done in advance around a week before the baby shower. This way, you will avoid any last minute rush to get the food done. Luckily plenty of the traditional cold food buffet can be done in advance such as chicken goujons, sausage rolls, quiche and more.

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Reconfirm With Anyone Who Is Bringing Food, Decorations And Games

You don't want any last minute nasty surprises; make sure you check that those you have chosen to bring food, cake, decorations and anything else are still bringing them. This way, if anyone has failed to do what they were delegated, you should still have time to either do it yourself or delegate to someone else who is willing to help.

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Three Days Before The Baby Shower

Complete Any Further Grocery Shopping

It's getting closer and closer to the big day now and so it is perfect time to fit in any last minute tasks such as getting any further grocery shopping in. If you are planning on making salads and fresh fruit and vegetables for the buffet, you are best waiting to buy these ingredients until three days before the baby shower so they stay fresh on the day of the baby shower.

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Set Up The Baby Shower Decorations

If you're planning hate baby shower in a house then setting up the decorations three days before the baby shower is ideal to take any stress away from on the day. If you're hiring a venue then ask them how soon you can decorate the venue or whether you have to wait until on the day. When decorating, it is the perfect time to pull in help from other friends and family.

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The Day Before The Baby Shower

Quick Once Over Clean

The day before the baby shower, make sure to have a quick clean of the house. You have already done your spring clean and so this clean should only really be surface level so shouldn't take you too long. If you’re hiring a venue then just make sure everything is set before the day.

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Set Up The Baby Shower Furniture

One thing that many people forget about is the furniture when planning a baby shower in a house. It's not something you will need to worry too much about if you're hiring a venue as they will provide all the furniture you need to cater for your guests. In a house though, you will most likely need extra chairs and tables for the buffet. Make sure this is all set up the day before the baby shower.

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The Day Of The Baby Shower

Pick Up The Baby Shower Cake

Yay, it is the day of the baby shower! You should have done all the preparations you need to create a smooth running and stress free baby shower. There are a few things you need to do on the day of the baby shower however they aren’t anything major. One of those things is to pick up the baby shower cake from either the caterer or the friend or family member who is making the cake.

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Introduce Baby Shower Guests To Each Other

The only other thing you will need to do on the day of the baby shower is to make sure all guests are introduced to each other at the beginning. This will help with the atmosphere when it comes to playing the games.

Friends Making A Toast With Orange Juice At Baby Shower


That is the complete baby shower checklist that should set you well on your way. I hope you have enjoyed it and will make great use of it when it comes to planning your own baby shower. Remember, the key to planning a great baby shower is to have a lot of fun and keeping organized.

In addition to this checklist, make sure you also check out our ultimate baby shower planning guide.​

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