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44 Baby Shower Cake Ideas For Your Special Day

Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Let us enter the world of baby shower cakes ideas, a world that knows no boundaries. A world where your imagination can run free. A world of glorious tastes. A world of colour and beauty. A world we all want to live in, and certainly a wonderful world to bring a new born baby into.

This is the world you want to capture with your very own baby shower. Family and friends, neighbours and colleagues will all want to be with you when you have your baby shower. They will want to celebrate with you and offer gifts for the baby. That is why your baby shower cake needs to be a cake that you are proud to offer to them in return for their thoughtful gifts.

Your baby shower cake idea will show your individuality, it will show a side of your personality that others may not have realized about more so than any other food. The way you want to bring up your baby and live your lives together can be recognized through the baby shower cake idea that you choose.

Baby shower cakes are a lovely way to capture a moment in time that will stay in your heart forever. A moment in time when you are full of expectancy and wonder. Your baby shower is very individual to you. You will be excited at the prospect of people you know very well coming together to share your wonderful news.Read on for baby shower cake ideas that may appeal to you.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas

1) Triple Lemon Baby Shower Cake

A beautiful pure and fresh lemon cake evokes all things natural. It brings pleasure to the senses. It conjures up a scene of innocence. The lavender sprig on the surface brings to mind a walk in the woodlands. These would make lovely baby shower cakes for you and your guests to enjoy. This is a cake that shows it has strength, it stands beautifully upright. It is smooth and creamy. It has gorgeous swirls around its surface. Best of all,its lemon taste is divine.

Triple Lemon Cake

Image Credit to DIANE

2) Pink Velvet Swiss Roll Baby Shower Cake

This would be a perfect cake for a baby girl. It is a lovely soft pretty cake, with a beautiful really pink blush colour. It has a fabulous design with its spiral interior and it is a great shape. It can easily be sliced into yummy pieces for the guests to enjoy. The icing sugar dust over the surface finishes it off nicely. This cake is called velvet because that is what the texture on your tongue feels like. To give the guests that special taste it also has a cool whip and creamy soft cheese filling which really hits the mark.

Pink Velvet Swiss Roll

Image Credit to MELANIE

3) Pink Ombré Swirl Cake For A Baby Shower

This cake will appeal to a lot of new mums, it has several different colours running through it and the design is spectacular. It would be especially good for a larger baby shower get together because it has lots of layers, which will satisfy the hungriest of guests. It is incredibly gorgeous to look at and will surely be a big talking point on the day.As far as baby shower cake ideas go, this one has to up there at the top.

Pink ombre swirl cake

Image Credit to GLORY

4) Blue Velvet Baby Shower Cake Surprise

The blue velvet cake is a surprise because it is actually not blue! It is white and that is why it is one of the best baby boy shower cakes to have if nobody knows the sex of the baby. If the baby is a boy and nobody knows yet. Then the guests will all crowd around for the cutting of the cake. This much anticipated moment will be cherished when its blue velvet interior is revealed, and everybody finds out for the first time that it is a baby boy that is expected.

Blue Velvet Cake Recipe

Image Credit to ROBYN

5) No Bake Strawberry Milkshake Cheesecake

This is quite a mouthful to say and thankfully it is also a mouthful to eat! Every guest will enjoy this delicious cake, it looks lovely and colourful. The sprinkles on the surface give it the fun factor and it will make a great choice for baby shower cakes. If there are already siblings in the home, they will be able to help make it and it doesn't need to be baked so therefore they will always achieve a fantastic result.

No Bake Strawberry Milkshake Cheesecake

Image Credit to LINDSAY

6) Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

These baby shower cupcakes are ideal because they are so easy to serve. They are easy to hand around to guests. Because there is no need to slice into a large baby cake, there will be no mishaps. They satisfy the most chocolate loving individuals in the best possible way. Every one of the guests will be totally flabbergasted by their fabulous flavour.

Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

Image Credit to TESSA

7) Delicious And Easy Macaroon Recipe For Baby Shower Cupcake Ideas

Don't be stuck for baby shower cupcake ideas, make delicious and easy macaroons. Macaroons can be made in any colour, they can be filled with a multitude of flavours, they can be stacked or they can be served individually. They are absolutely perfect for a baby shower, and guests will be amazed with their yummy taste.

easy macaroon recipe

Image Credit to BIANCA MCNEACE

8) Ready To Pop Baby Shower Cake Ideas

If it is an unusual individual style that is required for the baby shower get together, then a ready to pop popcorn carton is a great choice. Family and friends can nibble on the small pieces of popcorn cake to their hearts content. They are a great talking point and because there are lots of little pieces in the carton they last a lot longer. It's a win-win!

Ready to pop

Image Credit to JENNIFER

9) Cupcake Bouquet Baby Shower Cake

Wow, what a brilliant idea for a baby shower. Every woman likes to receive a bouquet, so imagine how fabulous it would be to have a bouquet made of cupcakes. Family and friends at the baby shower will surely be awestruck by this brilliant baby cake. The individual baby shower cupcakes will please every person at the party.

Cupcake Bouquet


10) Gift Box Baby Butt Cake For A Baby Shower

The gift box baby butt cake is a truly original design. The way the baby's butt hangs out the gift box will being a smile to every person at the baby shower. It is also a great choice for any sex of baby. If it's a boy, then the gift box could be blue, likewise if it's a girl, then the gift box could be pink. If the sex of the baby is to be kept secret, then the colour of the gift box could be neutral.

Gift box with baby butt cake

Image Credit to JO

11) Traditional Baby Shower Cake

The teddy bear that sits on the surface of this baby shower cake is absolutely adorable. The design of the washing hanging from a washing line which runs around its girth is very traditional in its design. The fact that it is decorated in blue and pink icing means it would be ideal for mums who don't know the sex of their baby yet. Family and friends at the baby shower will be delighted with the baby shower cake.

Traditional cake

Image Credit to LAURA

12) Pom Pom And Chevron Baby Shower Cake

Simply stunning is the only way to describe this baby shower cake. It has pom poms in pink and blue, it has chevrons around the middle in several different colours. It is decorated immaculately. It would grace any table in any room. The scene will be well and truly set if you choose this cake for the baby shower cake ideas you have in mind.

Pom pom and chevron

Image Credit to PALATIELLO

13) Sweet Memories Owl Baby Shower Cake

Having an owl on the top of the baby shower cake is a lovely natural way to decorate the cake. Owls appeal to lots of people. Owls are a symbol of wisdom, they portray cleverness. They are also a symbol of the great outdoors, of open spaces and woodlands. The wise old owl sitting on the top of the baby shower cake is a brilliant portrayal of a lovely world to bring a baby into. A world they could thrive in.

Cute Owl Topper Cake


14) Hello World Baby Shower Cake

The Hello world baby shower cake is beautiful in its simplicity. The many sponge layers are arranged to give a tall tower like structure. Each layer oozes fresh cream from in between each layer. The roses which adorn the cake give it that all important touch of class. This will especially appeal to friends and family who do not like lots of fancy icing. It is a lovely baby shower cake.

Hello world cake

Image Credit to ABBY CAPALBO

15) Baby Shoes Baby Shower Cake

This baby shoes cake is soooooooo sweeeeeet! There won't be a dry eye in the house when you show off this cake. It deserves every accolade that is laid upon it. The tiny shoes on the surface of this cake are the loveliest pair of shoes ever. The way it is iced is absolutely superb, the sides are very straight and the decorations all around it are exceptional. This cake will make the baby shower a beautiful and lovely occasion.

Baby shoes cake

Image Credit to ANN-JANNAE

16) Baby Twins Baby Shower Cake

This baby twins cake is ideal for those lucky mums who are having twins. The cake is made of two baby twins wrapped in coloured icing blankets. There is a boy and a girl and they look beautifully warm and content. What a lovely cake this would be to let everybody who attends the baby shower know that twins are on the way!

Twin baby cakes

Image Credit to DUSTY

17) Flower Baby Shower Cake

This cake makes a statement. With the baby nestled in a flower which sits atop a very tall cake structure, it is a cake that is letting whoever looks at it knows how highly this baby is thought of. The pure white iced walls stand straight and tall. This baby shower cake has been thought about very carefully. It is a beautiful centrepiece that will enhance any baby shower party table it is put on.

Flower baby shower cake

Image Credit to HAZEL WONG

18) Sweet Treats Ballerina Cake

For any new mum who loves all things girly this is the cake for you. The ballerina shoes on the top of the cake are simply stunning and they bring a smile to the face as soon as they are seen. The girly pink icing frills are also a pleasure to look at. This whole baby shower cake is indeed a work of girly feminine art.

Ballerina Dessert

Image Credit to CES

19) Vanilla Strawberry Baby Shower Cupcakes

These adorable cupcakes look lovely with a dummy made of coloured icing sitting on the surface. The iced dummy sits on top of coloured flavoured cream. They look very tasty, and the flavours of strawberry vanilla make these a must for any baby shower. All friends and family will really relish the thought of eating these baby shower cupcakes.

Vanilla strawberry baby shower cupcakes

Image Credit to THE CAKECHASER

20) Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Cake

Cute, cute, cute, is the best way to describe this sunny, funny baby cake. The guests at the baby shower will be smiling from the moment they step into the room. Baby shower cake ideas are many, but the rubber ducky baby shower cake with its many layers and bright yellow colouring really is something to smile about.

Rubber ducky cake

Image Credit to CHLOE CRABTREE

21) Mother Goose And Bookish Baby Shower Cake

For all bookworm lovers out there who are in need of inspiration for a baby shower cake, look no further, your prayers have been answered with the mother goose and bookish baby cake. There is an icing sugar replica of a small mother goose sitting on top of books which are made of cake. It is colourful and thought provoking. It is a unique design and will showcase the baby shower in a grand way.

Mother goose and bookish

Image Credit to MEGAN

22) Pink And Gold Named Baby Shower Cake

Think pink flowers, pink petals and gold lettering and you have got the picture of this cake. It is magnificent and has been made with great care. Every guest at the baby shower will know that this cake represents a baby who is already very much loved and wanted. There are three layers all decorated in pink flowers and pink waves. The stand it is on also has pink flowers and petals upon it. The name of the baby is made from gold icing, which compliments the pink cake beautifully.

Pink and Gold name cake


23) Cake Gallery Baby Shower Cakes

This cake is in the shape of a baby-grow, it is covered in buttercream and it can be personalised by using different colours, names, and motifs. It is a lovely choice for a baby shower because it will let everybody at the baby shower know what a lot of thought has gone into its design.

Cake Gallery

Image Credit to JANA LYNN

24) Romantic Baby Shower Cake

When you really think about it, this cake is correct in its concept. Romance made the baby so why not celebrate the baby with a romantic baby cake. Red is the iconic colour of roses which symbolise love, and that is exactly why the colours of the roses on this cake are a vivid red. The love for the baby is on show for all the guests at the baby shower to see.

Romantic baby shower cake

Image Credit to CAITLIN KRUSE

25) No Bake Pink Lemonade Cheesecake Parfaits

These no bake cakes are made with a hint of pink lemonade for extra flavour. They are presented in wine glasses and they are served as individual portions. This no bake cheesecake is a great idea for a baby shower. Nobody has to cut into a cake and everybody gets their own portion, so no sharing, which is great because these extra special baby cakes taste wonderful.

no bake pink lemonade cheesecake parfaits

Image Credit to CHRISY

26) Rose Cake Pops For A Baby Shower

Think lollipop, then think rose cake pops and you will get the picture. Rose cake pops work well for a baby shower because they look wonderful and will appeal to the young as well as the old. The rose part of the pops is made of thin fondant which can be coloured. They look lovely all sitting in a wide necked jar. All guests can help themselves to one and they can be held like traditional lollipops. This all helps to make your baby shower run smoothly.

Rose Cake Pops

Image Credit to CARRIE SELLMAN

27) Shabby Chic Baby Shower Cake

Words cannot describe how beautiful this cake is, it has absolutely everything. This cake isn't meant to be looked at, it is meant to be stared at in awe. Once looked at it will never be forgotten. The baby shower that has this cake as its centrepiece will be the most memorable baby shower ever. Four layers each perfectly decorated then topped with a real teacup filled with real jewellery and real roses. This baby shower cake has to be seen to be believed.

Shabby Chic Baby Shower Cake

Image Credit to ROSE

28) Whale Baby Shower Cake

If ever there was a cake that tastes as good as it looks, this is it. This is a perfect baby shower cake for a boy, it has two blue fondant whales on its surface and blue waves all around the middle. The cake is made with a layer of vanilla sponge, with lemon curd filling, then a layer of chocolate cake filled with raspberry jam, then covered in buttercream and fondant. It sounds perfect and it is perfect.

Whale baby Cake

Image Credit to VALENTINA

29) Happy Pushing Baby Shower Cake

This cake has three large layers topped with three smaller layers, each layer has a buttercream filling in between, it is topped with a banner with the words ‘happy pushing’. This says it all really! This will bring many smiles from the guests at the baby shower and it won't be long before everybody is telling stories about their own experiences when it comes to pushing!

Happy pushing cake

Image Credit to CHANEL DROR

30) Jungle Animal Baby Shower Cake

This cake has a lovely colourful jungle theme. There is lots of fondant shaped jungle animals placed against a green jungle backdrop. This cake is great if there are going to be young siblings at the baby shower. They will enjoy the look of this colourful fun cake. It looks really tempting to eat too.

Jungle animal cake

Image Credit to KELLY

31) Baby Buggy Cake For A Baby Shower

This design is a lovely idea. It is a cake in the shape of a baby buggy which can be blue or pink and so therefore would suit all baby showers. If any symbol ever captures the idea of babies, it is the baby buggy. This baby shower cake idea has captured the moment just right. Every single person at the baby shower will at some point in their own lives have pushed a baby buggy, which means everybody has something in common to talk about.

Baby buggy cake

Image Credit to BETTY CROCKER

32) Baby Shower Elephant Cake

This baby shower elephant cake has a really sweet recognizable theme to it. It is instantly appealing to the eye. The colours of the fondant exterior are blue and pink, as are the decorations that adorn it. Therefore it is ideal for both boys and girls. Just as elephants never forget, the baby shower will never be forgotten when this cake is used. Elephants are seen as true, loyal and very family oriented so they look after their young through thick and thin. This would be a lovely thought for the way the baby is going to be looked after within the family fold.

Elephant Cake

Image Credit to DANIELLE

33) I Am Baby Blue Cakes For Baby Showers

These individual baby shower cupcakes are in this instance designed for baby boys because of the blue cream cheese topping. The cakes are made that more special with the addition of tiny silver balls scattered on the top. They are called ‘I am baby blue’ because this makes a statement that he has arrived into the world.

I am baby blue

Image Credit to BRENDA

34) Adorable Baby Cupcakes For Baby Showers

Cupcakes are ideal for a baby shower because they make a lovely centrepiece for the party table. They can be decorated with pink or blue icing, so are ideal for both boys and girls. Let the imagination run wild with all the decorating ideas to choose from. Try putting bootees, footprints, letters, buttons and bows on them to create a lovely visual display to showcase baby shower cupcake ideas.

baby shower cupcakes

Image Credit to LAURIE FARMER

35) Rustic Lemon Layer Cake For Baby Showers

If ever there was a cake that is fantastic in its simplicity, this is it. The saying ‘less is more’ describes this cake perfectly. The word rustic brings to mind a scene of tranquillity and country kitchens. If this is a theme that appeals to you then this is the theme to have.

Rustic lemon layer

Image Credit to AIMEE

36) Pink Velvet Cupcakes For Baby Showers

There are lots of baby shower cupcake ideas to choose from and pink velvet cupcakes are a good choice to have. What works especially well for them is that not only is the decoration pink, the sponge cake is also pink. This creates quite a stunning colourful display. They really do make the mouth water. The guests at the baby shower will truly enjoy them.

Pink velvet cupcakes

Image Credit to ZAINAB

37) Baby Shower Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Cake

This cake has a multitude of flavours and is an extravagant and tasty cake to have for a baby shower. It will appeal to every guest because of all the different flavours. There is dark chocolate. There are marshmallows. There is raspberry buttercream. There is chocolate ganache. This cake speaks for itself through its wonderful taste.

Dark chocolate raspberry cake

Image Credit to CHERYL

38) Cute Bunny Baby Shower Cake

This cake is very cute. A little bunny poking its head out of grass is a lovely cake theme to have. The bunny is made of fondant icing and looks really authentic. The grass on the cake is made of green smooth icing. This is a baby shower cake that can be used for boys and girls.

Cute bunny cake

Image Credit to NAOMI

39) Fireman Themed Cake For A Baby Shower

This cake is fun, colourful and quirky. It will appeal to all the boys and men at the baby shower party. It has three layers, each layer is individually designed and there is a fire truck, dog and baby name on it. The colours are outstanding, bright red and yellow. The baby shower will be a success with this fun cake.

Fireman themed cake

Image Credit to MEGAN LYONS

40) Hydrangea Cake For Baby Showers

This cake is dome shaped and is totally covered in flowers. The flowers are coloured pink, lilac and rose. Sitting on top of a slim cake stand the design looks very neat and stylish. Family and friends will all like the beautiful design and the colours blend in to perfection. This cake would enhance any baby shower it was shown at.

Hydrangea cake

Image Credit to AMANDA

41) Italian Cream Cake For Baby Showers

This cake is made with tender buttermilk and coconut. It is topped with a cream cheese icing, pecans and more coconut. Bring a taste of Europe to the baby shower with this beautiful designed and tasty cake. For a baby shower with a difference, this is the cake to have.

Italian cream cake

Image Credit to DEBORAH

42) Strawberry Cream Cake For A Baby Shower

This cake would be better called ‘strawberry dream cake’. It is not only full of strawberry cream, it tastes like a dream. The fresh strawberries on the top look absolutely stunning. This cake with its fresh fruit and good looks would be brilliant for a baby shower. Everybody will enjoy this cake.

Strawberry cream cake


43) Browns Butter finger Bundt Cake For A Baby Shower

Butterfingers are a great favourite, when they are placed on top of a buttery moist vanilla cake with buttercream icing, the taste is truly sublime. The baby shower will flow like a dream and the guests will be calling ‘more, more, more’ for this wonderful tasty cake that has been presented to them.

Browns butterfinger bundt cake

Image Credit to ANGELA G.

44) Blue Velvet Cupcakes For Baby Showers

What could say more about a baby boy than these rather original baby shower cupcakes? They have blue icing, white cream, blue sponge and rather cleverly blue cupcake cases. The overall look of these lovely cupcakes is blue, blue and even bluer. The guests at the baby shower will definitely know that a baby boy is on the way.

Blue velvet cupcakes

Image Credit to HEATHER

Hopefully One Of The Baby Shower Cakes Mentioned Will Be The One To Choose

Your guests will have enjoyed every mouthful. They will thank you for the wonderful flavors they have had the chance to taste. They will tell you what a lovely baby shower cake you chose and how it captured your personality. They will have recognized a part of your personality that will both delight them and enthrall them.

I don't think you could have left family and friends with a better impression of the type of person you really are. I think when your baby is born they will all want to spend time with you and your child because they will feel at peace knowing that you are the type of person who is natural, honest and appreciative of life's natural wonders.

As each of your nearest and dearest return to see you once you have had your baby, they will know that they were a part of the experience of your very own themed baby shower. Every time one of you are reminded about the baby shower cake you all enjoyed,you will be immediately transported back to the day of the baby shower and the beautiful baby shower cake you all enjoyed.

There will be a camaraderie amongst you that will bring you even closer together. You, your baby, your friends and family can all enjoy lots of outings together,all knowing that you share a special bond of togetherness. Your baby will grow into a world that is naturally loving.

For more information on baby showers, check out our ultimate baby planning shower guide.​

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