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41 Easy-To-Make Baby Shower Centerpieces

Baby shower centerpieces

At a baby shower, like at any other party, the buffet will certainly be the center of attention. Your guests will expect to taste some delicious crackers, sandwiches, or cakes at the party, but filling a table with delicacies is far from being enough.

Baby Shower Centerpieces

To throw an unforgettable baby shower, you must also pay attention to details. And since the eyes of your guests will be focused on the buffet table, you should decorate it with care.

Between the arrangement of plates and trays, you should also place a beautiful baby shower centerpiece that can match the theme of the party. There are many DIY ideas, but if you lack inspiration or skills, we selected seven awesome baby shower centerpieces for you. Check them below.

1. Bubble Bath Baby Shower Honeycomb Shaped Centerpiece

Bubble Bath Baby Shower Honeycomb Shaped

One of the most popular baby shower themes is the bath time. This important event in the life of the baby is usually characterized by the presence of all sorts of rubber toys, among which the most popular are the ducks.

If you decide to throw a bath time themed baby shower party, the Bubble Bath Baby Shower Honeycomb Centerpiece will certainly be the perfect match.

On the other hand, you can also choose this centerpiece if you don’t have a theme for your party, as it will certainly add a joyous note to the gathering.

The centerpiece is perfect for both baby boys and baby girls and is characterized by an aqua-colored base decorated with soap bubbles and two lovely ducks. Thanks to the honeycomb pattern, you can even use the centerpiece as support for decorative party labels and signs.

2. Cute Building Blocks Baby Shower Centerpiece

Another amazing baby shower centerpiece suitable for a baby shower without a clear theme is this building blocks centerpiece.

Thanks to its multi-colored pattern, the centerpiece could be the ideal choice for a baby shower when the gender of the baby is unknown, or if the mom-to-be doesn’t want to reveal it.

The centerpiece is easy to assemble and made of paper. Without a doubt, this centerpiece is an affordable solution if you are organizing a baby shower on a budget, yet avoiding to invest in a centerpiece with a cheap aspect.

The dimensions are ideal for creating a beautiful effect on the table. The centerpiece is 14.5 inches tall, 8 inches long and 5 inches wide.

Cute Building Blocks Baby Shower Centerpiece

3. Andaz Press Baby Shower Framed Party Sign

Bubble Bath Baby Shower Honeycomb Shaped

Sometimes, the best centerpiece is a sign clearly stating that the buffet table is full of sweets and treats waiting for the hungry guests to taste them.

If the idea sounds appealing, Andaz Press proposes a stylish framed party sign that can easily double as the perfect center piece.

The frame is white and the manufacturer proposes multiple versions of signs that are suitable for both genders and even for those baby showers to which the gender of the baby is either unknown or unrevealed.

In fact, the Andaz Press baby shower centerpieces come not in two or three options, but in 171 different versions.

4. Set of 2 Navy Blue and Gold Painted Mason Jars Centerpieces

Who said that a baby shower must be baby-themed? The first party of the future baby is more of a celebration of the mom-to-be, so choosing a more grown-up oriented theme is perfectly fine.

In this case, you could use a classic Mason jar as a centerpiece, filling it with flowers or using it as a candle holder.

If you would like a Mason jar centerpiece with a twist but don’t have the time or the will to do it yourself, this set of navy blue and golden painted Mason jars centerpiece could be the one you are looking for.

This centerpiece is perfect for a shabby chic or elegant party, adding a touch of style even at the simplest buffet. If navy blue and golden is not your style, the manufacturer proposes numerous other colors.

Set of 2 Navy Blue and Gold Painted Mason

5. Beistle It’s a Boy! Gleam ‘N Burst Centerpiece

Beistle It's a Boy! Gleam 'N Burst Centerpiece

Sometimes, the moms-to-be decide to announce the gender of the future baby at the baby shower. If you decide to let your family and friends know the gender of your baby at the baby shower party, this center piece will certainly help you.

The Gleam 'N Burst Centerpiece can easily replace a traditional flower bouquet creating a bouquet that reveals if you’re going to have a baby girl or a baby boy.

For baby boys, the manufacturer proposes an all-blue centerpiece while for the baby girls there is available an all-pink version.

Nevertheless, if you want to keep the gender of your baby a secret, you will be able to choose from a wide selection of differently colored Gleam 'N Burst baby shower centerpieces.

6. Noah’s Ark Honeycomb Centerpiece Set

If you choose either a jungle or Noah’s ark baby shower theme, then a great centerpiece to consider is the Noah's Ark Honeycomb Centerpiece Set.

This centerpiece is extremely cute and it contains the main centerpiece and two additional small fish centerpieces.

The centerpiece is easy to assemble and it matches perfectly with a wide variety of Noah’s Ark baby shower decorations, including single use plates, napkins, and other essential party items, including baby shower invitations and games.

Noah's Ark Honeycomb Centerpiece Set

7. Bouquet of 12 Baby Favor Boxes

Bouquet of 12 Baby Favor Boxes

Baby shower favors are a great way to thank your guests for attending the party. To keep the favors together until the end of the event, you will probably need a bucket or a beautifully decorated box. And since you also need a centerpiece, why shouldn’t you use a bouquet of baby favor boxes as a centerpiece?

If you like the idea, a centerpiece to consider is this bouquet of 12 baby favor boxes. If you have more guests, simply arrange on the table more bouquets, paying attention to have one favor box for each guest.

The baby favor boxes bouquet comes in either pink or blue. Yet, if you don’t want to reveal the gender of your baby, it is quite easy to create your own favor boxes bouquet in the colors you like best.

Looking for More Inspiration?

Are you planning a baby shower and are looking for the perfect baby shower centerpieces? Never fear, here are 41 easy-to-make baby shower centerpieces that will be sure to wow.

Whether you’re planning your own baby shower or planning it for someone else, finding the perfect centerpieces for baby shower can be hard and not to mention expensive. One of the best centerpieces I have come across are those that have been handmade which is why I have put together a list baby shower centerpiece ideas that you can easily make.

You will find in this list of ideas everything from baby shower flower centerpieces to unique baby shower centerpieces. It is time to get in touch with your inner DIY self and start getting to work on your fabulous DIY baby shower centerpieces. I have also made sure to include plenty of ideas for both baby shower centerpieces for boys and for girls too.

If you’re anything like me then you will absolutely love planning a baby shower. From choosing the theme to picking what games to play and from choosing decorations to picking what food to serve can all be very exciting. I have come across so many baby shower center pieces in my time which is how I have been able to get this list of ideas together.

No time like the present, let’s get started on the list of best homemade baby shower centerpieces you can have for your baby shower or the baby shower you are planning for:

1. Simple Mason Jar Baby Shower Centerpiece

All you need to make these delightful and very charming baby shower centerpieces are mason jars, baby blue or baby pink sand, tealight candles, and baby blue or baby pink ribbons. All you need to make them is to tie a piece of ribbon around the top of the jar, pour in a small amount of sand and drop in a tealight candle.

simple mason jar

Image Credit to KECIA

2. In The Air Baby Shower Centerpiece

How amazing will this baby shower centerpiece look at your baby shower or the baby shower you are planning? All you need to make these are mason jars, paper lanterns, lollipop sticks, hot glue, battery tealights and ribbon. You can find paper lanterns in both baby blue and baby pink for as low as $2 each.

Air baby shower centerpiece

Image Credit to JENNIFER RZASA

3. Sweet & Simple Baby Shower Centerpiece

This is an incredibly sweet baby shower centerpiece that will certainly not go to waste once the baby shower is over. All you need to create this sweet and simple centerpiece are faux flowers, 8 diapers per centerpiece, rubber bands, scissors, one roll of yellow and pink ribbon per 4 centerpieces, and a hot glue gun.

four finished centerpiece

Image Credit to ABBY

4. Water Themed Baby Shower Centerpiece

These will look very classy and elegant at a baby shower if that is the theme you are going for. All you need to make one of these water themed baby shower centerpieces are large jars, smaller jars, water, blue or pink food dye and candles. Simply place the smaller jar into the larger jar, pour in the dyed water in between the jars and place the candle in the smaller jar.

Water themed centerpiece

Image Credit to MARTHA STEWART

5. Favorite Children’s Book Baby Shower Centerpiece

This stunning and bold centerpiece is perfect for a baby shower where the theme is favorite children’s books. All you need to make these amazing baby shower centerpieces are a ton of books, vintage vases and faux flowers. If you like, you can wrap the books in craft paper to match the color scheme of the baby shower.

favourite children book

Image Credit to ERIN GATES

6. Definitely Sweet Baby Shower Centerpiece

How deliciously sweet will these DIY baby shower centerpieces look at your baby shower. Guests will literally want to take them home with them. What’s better is that they are so easy to make. All you need are some jars, plenty of sweets and faux flowers or even real flowers. You fill the jars up with blue or pink themed sweets depending on whether it is a boy or girl.

sweet floral centerpiece

Image Credit to MANUALIDADES

7. Elephant Themed Baby Shower Centerpiece

All you need to make this very charming elephant themed baby shower centerpiece is a tin bucket, bags of peanuts, craft paper, elephant stencil, ribbon, button and a wooden dowel. You can cut out flowers shapes from the craft paper and layer them on top of each other. You can then cut out an elephant from the craft paper and add this as the top layer.

elephant themed centerpiece

Image Credit to AMY 

8. Butterfly Themed Baby Shower Centerpiece

If butterflies are more your thing then this very cure baby shower centerpiece will be perfect for your baby shower. All you need to create these gorgeous centerpieces are helium balloons, balloon ribbon, craft paper, butterfly stencil, craft tissue and a jar or homemade picket fence to put it in. You can get craft paper and tissue in a variety of colors to suit the theme of the baby shower.

butterfly themed

Image Credit to CATCHMYPARTY

9. DIY Baby Bottle Sprinkles Centerpiece

If you want to add a bit of wow factor to your baby shower while still keeping it fun and light then this DIY baby bottle sprinkles centerpiece will be perfect. All you need to create this cute centerpiece are clear baby bottles, sprinkles, big lollipops, any kind of candy, super glue, ribbon and duct tape.

Baby bottle sprinkles

Image Credit to TY WATSON

10. Ready To Pop Basket Baby Shower Centerpiece

Your guests will absolutely love these cute and fun baby shower centerpieces. All you need to create these ready to pop baskets are skewers, tape, scrapbook paper, scissors, lollipops, baskets, crinkled shredded paper and ribbon. You can make the ready to pop sign in Photoshop, PowerPoint or Paint depending which you have and which you can do.

ready to pop

Image Credit to RIBBONS

11. Aqua Blue & Lime Green Themed Baby Shower Centerpiece

If you want to add a pop of color to your baby shower or are having a blue and lime themed baby shower then these simple yet brilliant centerpieces will do just the trick. All you need to create these aqua blue & lime green themed centerpieces are large helium balloons, smaller helium balloons, balloon ribbon, large weights and fabric to cover the weights.

aqua blue and lime green combinations balloons

Image Credit to LEGALLY MAMA

12. Classic Chic Baby Shower Centerpiece

If you’re after something a bit different to the usual blue and pink cutesy and fun centerpieces then this would be ideal. All you need to create this classic chic baby shower centerpiece is a box, clipart ribbon, mix of faux flowers, faux berries, faux pine cone and glitter spray. You can use real flowers and pine cones if you want though.

classic chic baby shower


13. Tinker Bell Baby Shower Centerpiece

You just can’t go wrong with a fairy inspired baby shower which is why this Tinker Bell centerpiece is just so perfect. You can easily make this with a cage lantern, garland of flowers, battery candle, Tinker Bell stencil and glitter scrapbook paper. If you have Photoshop then you can use it to transfer the digital glitter paper onto the stencil and print a bunch out.

tinker bell baby shower

Image Credit to DANIELLE POGGI

14. Glittery Pink Vase Baby Shower Centerpiece

If the baby shower is for a baby girl then this gorgeous centerpiece will be sure to wow, however you can also do it in blue for a boy or even clear if the gender is not known. All you need to make this glittery pink vase centerpiece is a glass vase, paint brush, glue and confetti glitter. Brush a layer of glue onto the bottom of the vase and simple roll it in the confetti.

Glittery pink vase

Image Credit to MELISSA & KELLIE

15. Frozen Fruit & Floral Ice Bucket Baby Shower Centerpiece

You may think that this centerpiece looks like it would be hard to make but it is actually very easy! Simply add water to a bucket and add your flowers and fruit. Insert a smaller bucket into the center of the larger bucket and add a bunch of stones to weigh it down. Put it into the freezer till the water if frozen.

frozen fruit and floral ice bucket

Image Credit to JONATHAN FONG

16. DIY Diaper Bouquet Baby Shower Centerpiece

This is another baby shower centerpiece that will be put to very good use after the party is over so will certainly not go to waste. All you need to make this diaper bouquet is a glass vase, flower foam, mini baby products, tissue paper, bamboo skewers, 77 diapers per bouquet, clear rubber bands, tulle and lace.

diaper bouquet

Image Credit to JAMIE ROUBINEK

17. Girly Baby Shower Centerpiece

This is such a truly stunning and gorgeous baby shower centerpiece that is incredibly easy to make as well as not being too heavy on the budget. All you need to create this wonderful girly baby shower centerpiece is a glass vase, ribbon, clear gift box filling and plenty of tissue paper. You can also use floral foam to make sure the tissue paper stay in place.

pink vase girl baby shower

Image Credit to FLIRTGARDEN

18. Bohemian Themed Baby Shower Centerpiece

If you or the person you are planning for is a bit of an indie chick then you or they will love this bohemian themed baby shower centerpiece. They are so easy to make and to capture a true bohemian look, be sure to mix match the vases. You can have vases in all different shapes sizes and colors.

bohemian themed centerpiece

Image Credit to IBT Girls

19. Winnie The Pooh Hunny Pot Baby Shower Centerpiece

The Winnie The Pooh theme seems to be such a popular choice of theme for people to choose for their baby showers. If you are also having a Winne The Pooh themed baby shower then you need this centerpiece. All you need to make this cute centerpiece is a potted plant, black paint, yellow paint, garden wire, and honey and bee themed clipart.

winnie the pooh hunny pots

Image Credit to GINGI

20. Pink Cupcake Baby Shower Centerpiece

If you love all things cupcakes then there is no better way to celebrate your baby shower than with cupcake (or baby shower cake) centerpieces, your guests will absolutely love them. To make this you will need a tin bucket, label tag, ribbon, floral foam, skewers and cupcakes. Stick the skewers through the center of each cupcake and stick to the floral foam.

pink cupcake centerpiece

Image Credit to PUNCHBOWL

21. Blue Cupcake Bouquet Baby Shower Centerpiece

You can create a very similar cupcake centerpiece for a blue themed baby shower by having a blue and white polka dot plant pot (you can buy a normal plant pot and paint it) and having blue tissue paper to snug in between the cupcakes.

Cupcake Bouquet

Image Credit to STEPH

22. Stork Baby Shower Centerpiece

Who wouldn’t love this fabulous and very unique baby shower centerpiece? All you need to make this unique baby shower centerpiece is tissue paper, Styrofoam, stencil of a stork, stencil of a bag, black glitter and white glitter. You can use the white glitter for the body of the stork and the black glitter for the tail and to highlight features.

stork baby shower centerpiece

Image Credit to GINNY

23. Woodland Themed Baby Shower Centerpiece

There always seems to be something so magical and calming about the woodland which is why it is a great theme choice for baby showers. If you decide to have a woodland theme then this centerpiece will be perfect. All you need is a bunch of tasty treats and logs to stand them on. It’s time to get creative in the kitchen!

woodland themed

Image Credit to KIM

24. Diaper Baby Shower Centerpiece

You simply can never have too many diapers when you have a baby on the way which is why it makes sense to use them for your centerpieces so you can make good use of them once the party is over. You can bunch together some diapers, add plenty of ribbon and tulle on top and create a big badge on the front.

diaper baby centerpiece

Image Credit to CHANTAL DENISE

25. Pink & Gold Tulle Centerpiece

These pink and gold tulle baby shower centerpieces are ultra-cute and will look great at a baby shower for a girl. They are super easy to make and you only need Mod Podge, mason jar, gold glitter, tulle, straws and gold wands. Add Mod Podge to the bottom of the mason jar and pour in the gold glitter. Shake off any excess glitter and allow the glue to dry.

pink and gold tulle


26. Duck Punch Baby Shower Centerpiece

If you’re looking for a unique baby shower centerpiece then this will certainly get your guests talking and being amazed at your creativity. They will be jealous that they didn’t do something like this for their own baby showers. All you need is a punch bowl, blue Kool aid and some rubber ducks.

duck punch centerpiece

Image Credit to CHERYL

27. Tea Party Themed Baby Shower Centerpiece

If you’re having a tea party themed baby shower then this will be a great choice of centerpiece for you. It is so very cute and very classic which is just what you want for a tea party. You just need to get some mason jars and some coral colored flowers.

tea party centerpiece

Image Credit to TRISHA BARTLE

28. Baby’s Breath Baby Shower Centerpiece

Has there ever been a more relevant flower to have at a baby shower that Baby’s Breath? This is another centerpiece that will go perfect in a woodland themed baby shower. All you need is log slices, pine cones, tealight candles, mason jars and Baby’s Breath.

baby breath centerpiece


29. Pumpkin Baby Shower Centerpiece

I bet you have never thought of having pumpkins at your baby shower before? This is a very unique but splendid looking baby shower centerpiece that you will have fun making. All you need are pumpkins, white paint, gems and ribbon. You can make one of these for each table.

pumpkin centerpiece

Image Credit to TRISH FLAKE

30. Gumball Machine Baby Shower Centerpiece

You will be surprised as to how easy this gumball baby shower centerpiece is actually easy to make. All you need is a plant pot, glass fish bowl, plant pot tray, doll pin stands and gumballs. The painted plant pot will sit upside down with the fishbowl glued on top and the plant pot tray sitting on top of the fish bowl.

Gumball machine centerpiece

Image Credit to NAYLEENIE

31. Princess Baby Shower Centerpiece

If the baby shower is for a girl then this princess looking centerpiece will look amazing. The ‘body’ is made up of three diapers which can be tied together with ribbon and tiara. The skirt can then be made by fluffing tulle. Add pearls around the centerpiece for a finishing touch.

princess centerpiece

Image Credit to ADELINE

32. Retro Cloud Baby Shower Centerpiece

This is certainly a very unique and fun centerpiece you can have for your baby shower. All you need to create this cute centerpiece is a white bucket, gold ribbon, red glitter hearts, cotton wool, skewers and cloud shaped card. You can add whatever colors and text to this to personalize it to you.

you are my sunshine baby shower centerpiece

Image Credit to JENN

33. Honeycomb Baby Shower Centerpiece

You can’t get a much easier centerpiece than to buy a load of small honeycomb balls in two to three different colors and to stack them on the table as the centerpiece. As a finishing touch, you can add mini potted plants around or along the honeycomb balls.

honeycomb centerpiece

Image Credit to BECKY

34. Pregnant Woman Silhouette Baby Shower Centerpiece

Baby showers are always a party that happens when the mum to be is still pregnant and usually heavily. This is why it makes total sense to have these cute pregnant centerpieces at the baby shower. You need two different tones of glitter, Styrofoam to cut the shapes and plenty of tissue paper for the base.

pregnant woman umbrella

Image Credit to GINNY

35. Baby Clothes Baby Shower Centerpiece

I have mentioned diaper centerpieces that are great because they will be put to great use after the party. This centerpiece is very unique as well as having great use after the party. All you need is to create cute baby outfits, hand them up on a hangar which will be glued to a stand.

baby clothes centerpiece

Image Credit to PAIGE

36. Cucumber Baby Shower Centerpiece

No, I haven’t gone crazy! You can actually make some of the most charming little centerpieces with cucumbers as you can see in the image. You can create the stripes using a peeler and only scoop out half of the middle so the bottom is weighted to stand up.

cucumber centerpiece


37. Baby In Bath Baby Shower Centerpiece

If you’re looking for something fun and unique for your baby shower centerpiece then the baby in bath centerpiece should definitely catch your eye. All you need to make this centerpiece is a vintage baby bath, clear gift filling, baby doll, rubber duck and towel.

baby in bath

Image Credit to MELISA DAVIS

38. Lime & Pink Baby Shower Centerpiece

You can use blue flowers instead of pink if the baby shower is for a boy as blue will still look great with the limes although you can use other fruit such as lemons. All you need to create this classic centerpiece is a glass vase, plenty of limes and faux pink flowers.

lime and pink centerpiece

Image Credit to eHow

39. Rub A Duck Dub Baby Shower Centerpiece

There is something just so cute and fun about rubber ducks which is why they are great to use for your baby shower centerpiece. All you need to create this centerpiece is a fishbowl, broken Styrofoam for the base of the bowl, and gummy duck sweets to be placed inside clear balls.

Rub a Dub Dub Baby Shower Centerpiece

Image Credit to SHERYL

40. Woodland Baby’s Breath Baby Shower Centerpiece

I have added a centerpiece for a woodland theme and have added a centerpiece using Baby’s Breath but why not add them both together? This beautiful centerpiece is so easy to create and can be made with either real bark or by using woodland themed scrapbook paper and gluing it to card,

woodland baby breath

Image Credit to ALICIA

41. Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Centerpiece

I can’t have a list of baby shower centerpieces without having a Minnie Mouse themed centerpiece. To make this centerpiece, you will need Styrofoam balls both large and small, black shimmer spray paint, wooden dowels, plant pot to be painted pink and white, tissue paper, ribbon and glue gun.

minnie mouse centerpiece

Image Credit to ABBY


This should give you plenty of inspiration to start getting your DIY head on and create baby shower centerpieces that are masterpieces. Making centerpieces for baby showers can be so much fun as you can be as creative and silly as you want with them.

Making your centerpieces doesn’t have to be hard or expensive; in fact you can probably make your centerpieces for a lot cheaper than if you were to buy them. If you make a centerpiece from items that the mum-to-be can use after the party then even better!

Make sure to check out our baby shower planning guide for more tips!​

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