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Pregnancy Diet: 11 Rules To Follow

A pregnant woman must take care of herself and of the new life she’s carrying in the womb. The pregnancy diet, therefore, must be nutritious and balanced. Eating for two isn’t the way to go. In fact, during the first trimester, you don’t need extra calories at all. Add about 300 calories in the second quarter  […]

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27 Unexpected Pregnancy Symptoms And Signs

Pregnancy is one of the most magical moments in a woman’s life. But this rewarding period comes with awkward affections. Wondering which is the weirdest? Here are 27 unexpected pregnancy symptoms and signs.1. LightheadednessMost women imagine morning sickness and food carvings as the first signs of a pregnancy. Morning sickness is indeed one of the […]

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Pregnancy Calculator: How Much Does It Cost To Have A Baby

Thinking about starting a family? Then you may need a pregnancy calculator to figure out the cost of the pregnancy. According to several studies, many fertile women delay getting pregnant because of the high costs that come with having a baby. And it’s not only the money needed to raise the child. Prenatal care, childbirth and […]

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Pregnancy Due Date – How To Calculate It?

You just found out you’re pregnant? Congratulations! After the first celebratory moments, perhaps you’ll want to know when to expect your bundle of joy. There are dozens of pregnancy due date calculators, but figuring out the date on your own is ridiculously easy. Before telling you how to calculate it, remember that the pregnancy due date […]

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Postpartum Workout Plan – The Three-Week Training Program

Many women are concerned that pregnancy may compromise their looks and cause irreparable aesthetic damage. Athletes are even more concerned about not being able to get back to practicing their favorite sport after delivery. But a postpartum workout plan can help you get back in shape without compromising your health. A thing to know is that […]

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Best Swim Diapers For Infants And Toddlers

Swimming is one of the most exciting activities for parents and babies. It can be practiced from a really young age, and many pools even organize classes for parents and newborns. But your baby won’t be able to hold her business until you’re out of the water. That’s why investing in swim diapers is essential. Whether […]

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Best Hooded Towel For Baby Bath Time

For routine bath time and fun time at the beach, a hooded towel is an essential accessory your baby needs. designed to wrap the little one in a soft and cozy cloth, the hooded towel is more convenient than a bathrobe and more complete than a traditional towel. We know that everything that comes in contact […]

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