Best Swaddle Blankets: An Objective Review

Best Swaddle Blankets

Swaddling is a practice used for the newborn babies since the ancient times. If in the past this technique was used immediately after birth with the sole purpose of straightening the limbs, recent studies show that swaddling actually makes the baby feel more comfortable, giving him a sense of confidence and “containment” that is indispensable in the first days of life.

In fact, while the baby is inside the mother’s womb, he feels around him well-defined boundaries that transmit a feeling of peace and security. Swaddling, therefore, can recreate that feeling.

In these conditions, it is quite easy to understand why a good swaddling blanket is an essential item for the newborn. We made this buyer’s guide with the purpose to help you choose the best swaddle blankets available on the market, so read on to find out more about these products.

Why Is Swaddling Important?

The custom of swaddling the newborn is not only ancient, but it is also diffused in almost all the cultures of the world. Even if this practice lost some of its importance in the modern Western world, the scientists never stopped asking themselves why baby swaddling was important for so many different populations.

And the answer came from the scientists in the USA. According to a study published in the Medical Journal of Pediatrics in 2007, the scientists demonstrate that a swaddle blanket helps the newborn sleep well and have longer REM sleep periods. REM sleep is the most important part of the sleep for the proper development of the body.

Since the REM sleep is the deepest phase of the sleep, it is important that babies are not disturbed during this phase.

Other research also shows that the babies who were correctly swaddled had the tendency of sleeping in a more secure way, on their back, thus the risk of SIDS is also reduced. But these are not the only benefits of swaddling.

In fact, swaddling a baby also has a calming effect on the baby and it helps him regulate his body temperature. In addition, swaddling also reduce the symptoms of colic.

Types of Swaddle Blankets

On the market, there are available different types of swaddle blankets. When deciding which are the best swaddle blankets, you should take into account your swaddling experience, price and personal preference. Let’s see which are the different types of swaddle blankets.

Aden by Aden + Anais Swaddleplus Safari Friends

1. Swaddle Pods

These are the simplest swaddle blankets. The swaddle pods have a characteristic “peanut” shape and are designed to contain the baby into a cocoon-like stretchy fabric. While the baby will be able to freely move his arms and legs, this type of swaddle blankets is very secure. These swaddle blankets are also made of a wide variety of fabrics and come in many colors.

2. Sleep Sacks

This type of swaddle blankets is a wearable blanket usually made with a detachable swaddling piece. Made in various materials and sizes, the sleep sacks represent a good solution not only for newborn and infants, but also for toddlers because the swaddling piece can be easily removed when it is no longer needed.

3. Miracle Blankets

These swaddling blankets are probably the easiest to use because they guide the parents through pouches and flaps, so you will be able to efficiently swaddle the baby. These swaddling blankets are also manufactured in a wide variety of designs, while the fabric used is typically cotton.

4. Regular Swaddle Blankets 

These are usual rectangular blankets that can be used for a variety of purposes, from swaddling to nursing covers.

Regardless the type of blanket you choose, remember to buy a suitable swaddle blanket for the average outdoor or indoor temperature. Don’t wrap your baby in a fleece blanket during summer or in a thin cotton blanket if it is snowing.

How to Swaddle the Baby

Swaddling a baby is not hard, but if you’re at the first arms, you’re probably wondering how to do this in the right way. Here is how to swaddle your baby in six easy steps.

1. Flatten the blanket on the changing table or on the bed.

2. Flip a corner from the upper side of the blanket towards the bottom in a way that you can place the neck of the baby on the flip line.

3. Place the baby on the blanket, making sure that his head and body are well sustained during this operation.

4. Flip one side of the blanket over the baby and fix it under the baby’s back. The blanket should be tight enough to keep the arm of the baby in place, but loose enough to allow the baby to move.

5. Flip the bottom corner of the blanket towards the head of the baby. The baby should be able to move his legs freely inside the blanket.

6. Flip the free angle of the blanket and fix it. When wrapping this angle you will be able to decide if you want a loose or a tight swaddle, depending on your preferences.

Now that you know why and how to swaddle your baby, let’s see which are the best swaddle blankets available on the market.

Five Best Swaddle Blankets

1. Infant Cozy And Warm Minky Swaddle Blanket

Infant Cozy And Warm Minky Swaddle Blanket

This adorable swaddle blanket from Swuddlesis made of 100% polyester and it is one of the cutest swaddle blankets available on the market. It comes in three different color options: an ivory chevron ideal for both boys and girls, gray chevron or pink. The secure design was created to make the baby feel like inside the womb and it closes with Velcro tabs.

Perfect for babies between 0 and six months old, this blanket is suitable for cold weather or if you decide to use the air conditioning system during summer. The Velcro closing can be readjusted as your baby grows, so this swaddle blanket will be a long-time companion.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to swaddle: thanks to its cocoon shape, this blanket will make swaddling easy even for the inexperienced parents. You just have to put the baby inside the blanket and fold the arms.
  • Soft fabric: this swaddle blanket is designed to keep your baby warm and boasts an extremely soft texture, both inside and outside.
  • Various color options: if you decide to buy this blanket for a baby shower gift, you can choose the most suitable color from the three available options. If you don’t know the gender of the baby, ivory chevron is an excellent choice.
  • Velcro closings: once you swaddled the baby, it is very easy to secure the blanket with the Velcro tabs.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Even if the swaddle blanket has a fair price and a good quality, some parents believe that the fabric seems rather cheap.

2. Kaydee Baby Organic Muslin Cotton Swaddle Blankets Set of 2

Kaydee Baby Organic Muslin Cotton Swaddle Blankets Set of 2

These classical swaddle blankets made of organic muslin cotton are ideal for both boys and girls regardless the season. Being made of cotton, they are also suitable for babies with sensitive skin, while the fabric is extremely soft.

The standard 47x47 inch size not only gives enough room for swaddling the baby, but also make the blankets perfect for alternative uses, such as car seat or stroller cover, changing blanket, nursing cover and more.

Things We Liked

  • Fashionable prints: the unique, fashionable prints make these swaddle blankets suitable not only for both genders, but also suitable to be used for many other purposes even after the baby is grown.
  • Easy to clean: these swaddle blankets can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. Being made of 100% organic muslin cotton, they become softer after being washed.
  • Present bag included: the blankets come with a beautiful pouch that is perfect if you’re buying the blankets as a gift.
  • Money back guarantee: the manufacturer provides a full refund if you return the product for any reason within 30 days from the purchase.

Things We Didn't Like

  • These blankets are not suitable for outside use during the cold winter months.

3. Aden by Aden + Anais Swaddleplus Safari Friends, 4 Count

Aden by Aden + Anais Swaddleplus Safari Friends

Designed to avoid overheating the baby, these four swaddle blankets are made of 100% muslin cotton, are thin, lightweight and breathable. With their 44x44 inch size, these swaddle blankets are more appropriate for babies below six months.

The thin fabric will not keep your baby warm during winter, but it is perfect for the hot summers. Being a breathable fabric, it will also allow you to use the blankets as nursing covers or as stroller or child seat canopies.

Things We Liked

  • Wide color selection: depending on your preferences, you will be able to choose the most suitable pattern combination from the available ten choices.
  • Extremely thin fabric: these swaddle blankets are ideal if you live in a warm environment or during the summer.
  • Comfortable: made of muslin cotton, these blankets become softer once you wash them, so they can be used for a long time.
  • Multiple use: you can use these swaddle blankets for swaddling, or for many other purposes including as a stroller or nursing cover.

Things We Didn't Like

  • These blankets have smaller dimensions compared to the standard 47x47 inch size. For this reason, if your baby is bigger than average, you might want to choose a more suitable option.

4. Ziggy Baby Swaddle Blanket Wrap Set

Ziggy Baby Swaddle Blanket Wrap Set

Designed to make swaddling as easy as possible, these beautiful swaddle blankets from Ziggy Baby are made of 100% cotton and come in a unisex color. The blankets have adjustable wings equipped with Velcro closings.

The blankets are made of a breathable, soft and lightweight fabric, and are ideal for babies for up to 14 lbs.

Things We Liked

  • 100% cotton: these swaddle blankets are suitable even for the babies with sensitive skin because they are made of 100% cotton.
  • Adjustable flaps: the flaps feature convenient Velcro closings that can be adjusted to fit the size of your baby.
  • Thin fabric: to provide enough comfort to your baby even in the summer and to avoid overheating, these blankets are made of a very thin fabric.
  • Lovely colors: all three blankets are lovely colored in shades of green and white.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Some parents believe that these blankets are rather small.

5. SwaddleMe Original Swaddle 2-PK, Grey Dot Stripe

SwaddleMe Original Swaddle 2-PK

Designed for babies up to six months, these swaddle blankets from Swaddle Me are cozy and will keep the baby safe all night. Creating a womb-like feeling, these swaddle blankets prevent the startle reflex that can wake up the babies and are very comfortable.

These blankets are made of 100% cotton, the fabric being soft and breathable. The blanket flaps can be adjusted to fit any size of baby.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to use: with these blankets, you will be able to swaddle the baby fast and easy even if you’re new to parenting.
  • Comfortable: the babies will feel protected and comfortable inside these blankets.
  • Gender neutral: these swaddle blankets make a perfect baby shower gift because they are gender neutral.
  • Stylish: the dots and stripe patterns make these blankets very fashionable.

Things We Didn't Like

  • It seems that the babies can easily get out from these swaddle blankets.

Conclusion and Final Pick

Even if the womb-like swaddle blankets are easier to use compared to the regular swaddle blankets, we still feel that the best swaddle blankets available on the market are the Kaydee Baby Organic Muslin Cotton Swaddle Blankets Set of 2.

We like these blankets for many reasons, beginning with the excellent quality of the fabric used to manufacture them. These blankets are made of 100% organic muslin cotton, being ideal for babies with sensitive skin.

In addition to this great feature, these blankets are thin and breathable, so there is no risk that the baby will overheat.

The standard size of 47x47 makes these blankets perfect from birth until the swaddling is no longer needed. And in addition to being used as swaddle blankets, you can use these blankets for a myriad of other purposes.

You will be able to use these swaddle blankets as anursing cover, stroller and car seat cover or even as picnic blankets.

The unique prints are stylish and fashionable, so you will even be able to use these blankets as shawls during a chill evening. You will be able to choose from many models the patterns you like best, while the gender neutral colors make them perfect for both boys and girls.

Another thing we love is the included present pouch, which makes these blankets an excellent choice even for a baby shower gift.

All these features make these blankets the best swaddle blankets available on the market.

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