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Best Baby Einstein Toys For Infants And Toddlers

Best Baby Einstein Toys For Infants And Toddlers

The play is the first form of learning. Babies start discovering the world through it, so there is no wonder why many specialists and parents consider educational toys important for the development. Among them, the Baby Einstein toys are made to stand out.

If you’ve never heard of them before, read through this article to find out why they are special. If you just want to find the right Baby Einstein toys for your kid, click on the links in the table below.

Parents and kids have been thrilled by the Baby Einstein toys for decades. Moreover, the manufacturer is also a producer of interesting and educative videos, among many other products. But what is the history of these toys and why are they better than others?

This article aims to answer all these questions. So, let’s start with a brief history of the brand, then don’t forget to check out their best toys for infants and toddlers.

Baby Einstein’s Brief History

The Baby Einstein Company was born in 1996 in Georgia, founded by Julie Aigner-Clark, a former teacher and a stay-at-home mom. The company didn’t manufacture toys at the beginning but it was making educational videos for babies and toddlers.

Originally, the series of videos was named Baby Einstein and focused on developing a baby’s language skills. Moreover, the videos also showed a variety of toys and visuals, interspersed with stories, music, and different words in multiple languages.

For almost a decade, the Baby Einstein company focused solely on the production of educational videos and in November 2001 the founders sold the company to the Walt Disney.

Under Disney, Baby Einstein expanded its popularity and also its range of products. In fact, the company started to produce a line of educational toys as well as additional videos. Since then, the company extended its products from toys to baby jumpers, playing mats, walkers, baby books, and more.

Because of the smart ways in which the toys are developed, Baby Einstein is a brand beloved by parents all over the world. In fact, their toys are created to develop a baby’s skills, language, and senses.

Baby Einstein Products

Since its early age, Baby Einstein aimed to help infants and toddlers develop and discover the world through play. Today, the company has a wide range of baby gear and toys suitable for infants and toddlers alike.

Baby Toys

The Baby Einstein baby toys are dedicated to babies between 0 and 12 months. They contain musical instruments, plush toys, cubes, teething toys, and more.

Toddler Toys

Dedicated to babies between 12 and 36 months, the toddler toys from Baby Einstein differentiate themselves from the competition thanks to the choice of educative entertainment elements. These toys include electronic toys, activity centers, bath toys, books, and more.


The Baby Einstein line of entertainers is dedicated mainly to babies up to 12 months, although a series of door jumpers might also entertain your toddler. This category of products includes activity jumpers, baby gyms, and other infant gear.

Bouncers And Rockers

The bouncers and rockers of the company are developed to suit both infants and toddlers. They come with hanging toys and most rockers can easily transform from infant seats to toddler rockers.

Bath Toys

Baby Einstein also manufactures a series of educational bath toys that aim to develop the motor and cognitive skills of the babies. These toys are more suitable for toddlers and usually aim to teach the child about the properties of water.

Toddler Books

The toddler books are dedicated to babies between 12 and 36 months. All books are interactive and contain numerous games and activities that aim to stimulate the curiosity of the little ones.

Baby Einstein Toys Range

The Baby Einstein toys can be classified based on the age of the baby, based on collections, or on colors.

Based on the age of your baby, you’ll be able to find the right Baby Einstein toys for all stages of development, from birth since childhood. The company proposes a wide range of toys that aim to develop the motor and language skills of the little ones, including the coordination and numeracy.

Regarding the collections, Baby Einstein has plenty. Choose between wild animals, sea life, characters, puppets, musical instruments, and even the Earth.

The colors of the toys are also chosen to stimulate the attention of the babies. The range of colors varies between several bright colors such as intense blue, green, yellow, red, and other lively tonalities that can draw and maintain the interest of a young child.

Best Baby Einstein Toys For Infants And Toddlers

1. Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

The Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table is one of the company’s bestsellers, a toy appreciated by parents and enjoyed by the babies for a really long time. This activity table is suitable for both infants and toddlers and it is recommended for babies between 6 and 36 months.

The table is designed to develop the baby’s language and cognitive skills. The center has two interchangeable modes, Music and Discovery, and it features real-life imagery and sounds.

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

When used in Discovery mode, the station introduces the baby to colors and numbers in three different languages. In fact, you can choose between English, Spanish, or French. Alternatively, you can use all languages to accustom your baby to foreign languages too.

On Music mode, the station plays short melodies but also sounds of various musical instruments, including guitar, piano, and French horn.

Things We Liked

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    Age range: this toy is developed to entertain the baby for a really long time. It teaches the baby the sound of musical instruments, numbers, colors, and languages.
  • check
    Grows with the baby: the table can be used as an activity center for young infants or standing table for toddlers.
  • check
    Easy to assemble: the legs assembly to the table in a breeze and you’ll not need any tools to put the toy together.
  • check
    Flip book: to switch between the two modes, the baby simply has to flip the book positioned in the center of the table.

Things We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    The baby can stick his fingers between the flip page and the central globe.

2. Baby Einstein Discover and Play Piano

Baby Einstein Discover and Play Piano

Baby Einstein Discover and Play Piano is a toy suitable for infants older than six months, although many toddlers also enjoy playing the piano and listening to the sounds. The toy is designed to teach the babies numbers, the sound of the instruments, and the sounds of the animals.

The piano features more than 20 classical nursery melodies and fun sounds that will certainly entertain your baby. Switching between the three modes is always easy and, like the activity table presented above, the piano tells the numbers in three different languages.

The instrument also has illuminated buttons that flash while the melodies play. This is a further feature designed to draw the attention of the babies.

The toy aims to develop the motor skills of the babies, their language, and also their cognitive skills.

Things We Liked

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    Simple: the piano has 5 soft keys padded with fleece. Thanks to the bright colors, your baby will love hitting them.
  • check
    3 play modes: choose between animal or instrument sounds, numbers, and classic melodies.
  • check
    Light: the buttons lit up when touched and flash while the melodies play, entertaining the baby even further.
  • check
    Educational: you can use this toy to teach your baby new languages, numbers, or the sounds of the animals.

Things We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    The plush keys are rather hard to push and babies might be frustrated by this issue.

3. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

If you want to promote music appreciation and auditory development since the early stages, then the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy might be perfect for your baby. This toy is dedicated to the curious babies aged between 3 and 36 months and engineered to attract the interest of the baby for a long time.

The toy is designed to provide an easy grasp for the babies, who can also play with the caterpillar’s handle body. Moreover, the toy plays baby-friendly versions of classical melodies that include pieces of Vivaldi, Rossini, Mozart, and Chopin.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

This baby version of an MP3 player also boasts colorful lights that flash on the rhythm of the music. This feature developed to enhance the interest of the babies makes each melody more entertaining and also promotes the visual perception.

The toy is made of non-toxic, BPA and lead-free plastic and requires two AA batteries.

Things We Liked

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    Visual perception: this toy promotes both the auditory appreciation and the visual perception of the sounds.
  • check
    Easy to play: changing the melodies is easy, by simply pressing the central button. The toy plays seven classic melodies.
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    For all stages: the toy is ideal for infants and toddlers. You can introduce it to the kid from as early as three months, and the baby will enjoy it for a really long time.
  • check
    Safe: the toy is BPA and lead-free, it is made of non-toxic plastic, and it doesn’t contain small parts that can be a choking hazard.

Things We Didn't Like

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    The toy has an inconsistent quality of the sound.

4. Baby Einstein Octoplush

Baby Einstein Octoplush

The Baby Einstein Octoplush is an adorable plush toy suitable for infants and toddlers alike. The toy aims to develop the baby’s tactile sense, together with the auditory and language skills. Octoplush has eight squeeze legs that trigger different sounds.

In fact, each of the eight legs is corresponding to a different color and the octopus tells the color along with a short classical melody.

Besides the colors and melodies, the toy can also improve a baby’s language skills. Parents can choose from one of the three languages, or play the octopus in all three, to teach the baby different languages.

The toy has is soft and cuddling. Your baby will certainly love hugging this Baby Einstein toy along with exploring its textures and hearing its melodies.

Things We Liked

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    Fabric: the plush toy is soft and ideal for young babies to cuddle with. It is recommended for babies aged three months or above.
  • check
    Satin patches: the octopus’ legs boast colorful stitched satin patches that promote the baby’s understanding of colors.
  • check
    Classical melodies: besides color names, the toy will also play classical melodies to your baby.
  • check
    Language selector: the octopus can talk in three different languages. It is easy to select the desired language from a selector switch and a volume control is also included.

Things We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    The buttons in the legs can break easily.

5. Baby Einstein Rock Light and Roll Guitar Toy

The last Baby Einstein toy we’re going to talk about is the Rock Light and Roll Guitar Toy, a toy suitable for babies above three months. This lovely guitar is ideal for grasping and teething, but it will also entertain the baby with flashing lights and other features.

The toy features 10 classical melodies that aim to develop your baby’s auditory appreciation, while the three color buttons are designed to activate shorter melodies and lights.

Baby Einstein Rock Light and Roll Guitar Toy

The toy also has a spinning rattle ball that activates melodies and lights, drawing the attention of the baby.

The toy is great for floor play and it will certainly entertain the baby throughout all developing stages.

Things We Liked

  • check
    Classic melodies: the toy features 10 classic melodies chosen to develop the auditory appreciation of the baby and educate him towards classical music.
  • check
    Lights: the spinning rattle ball and color buttons activate both the sounds and the lights, catching the attention of the baby.
  • check
    Teething toy: although this guitar will be your baby’s favorite for a long time, it also makes an excellent teething toy.
  • check
    Floor play: the toy is ideal for babies since the early stages of development and it is ideal for floor play.

Things We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    The toy is rather heavy for babies younger than 12 months to hold it.

Conclusion & Final Pick

Given the recommended age, a number of activities and versatility, we believe that the best of all Baby Einstein toys available on the market is the Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table. There is no doubt why this toy is one of the company’s bestsellers.

The toy transforms from a floor activity center into an activity table in a blink of an eye and it’s designed to grow with your baby. On the other hand, it is suitable for both infants and toddlers with ages between 6 months and three years.

The activity center is designed to develop a baby’s language and cognitive skills by playing music and animal sounds, telling the name of different numbers and colors. Moreover, the center has two playing modes and the baby can easily switch between the two.

With this Baby Einstein toy, the baby will be able to learn languages, the sounds of various musical instruments, and more. Without a doubt, a toy to consider for your little one!

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