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75 Best Charities For Kids To Support

75 Best Charities For Kids To Support

In the US alone, there are more than 1 million public charities registered. You can support a wide number of causes, that range from finding a cure for the diseases to protect endangered animals, feed the poor or help build shelters for the less fortunate.

As a mom, my first thought goes to children’s charities. Helping kids in need is probably one of the kindest acts, but how can you choose the best charities for kids from the hundreds out there?

I asked myself this question when I decided to support a few causes myself. The truth, almost all children’s charities deserve support. Some are international organizations helping thousands of kids worldwide. Others are small and rather new charities focusing on narrower areas and problems.

Regardless of their size or purpose, I’ve come up with this list of 75 best charities for kids to support. Renowned or almost nameless, all these charities have received the award of the Best in America and are worthy of your support. Choose your favorite one!

1. Save The Children

Save The Children is a large international organization established in 1932 in Kentucky and currently operating in 120 countries. The organization has members worldwide and it conducts a series of programs and operations developed to keep disadvantaged kids safe and protected from harm.

There are a number of ways to support their mission. For example, you could make a one-time gift to a child, shop from the charity’s catalog or sponsor a child from an endangered area.

2. Abandoned Children’s Fund

Abandoned Children's Fund provides basic needs, such as love, food, water, shelter, education, and medical care to abandoned kids, committing to make their future look brighter.

To support the charity, you can make a memorial or special occasion gift, make an online donation, or subscribe to a monthly donation program.

3. A Child’s Hope International

Another one of the best charities for kids is A Child's Hope International, an organization committed to helping any vulnerable child regardless of social belonging, race, or belief. The mission of the charity is that of motivating and mobilizing the Church to care for orphans and distressed children, including those kids within the US orphanages or foster care homes.

If the mission of this charity appeals to you, you can help by volunteering in one of their programs, or you can donate money or things the organization needs.

4. America’s Unwanted Children

A smaller charity with a big purpose is America's Unwanted Children. The organization aims to provide shelter, food, vocational training, education, and medical care to all distressed children around the Americas.

The best way of supporting this charity in its mission is by donating a small amount either as a one-off donation or as a monthly donation. 

5. Autism Society

Raising a child with special needs is daunting and exhausting. Among the most misunderstood children are those suffering from autism. The Autism Society is one of the nation’s leading autism organizations that works to increase public awareness about the issue and help those affected by the condition.

You can support their mission by getting involved and becoming an advocate, by donating money or things, or by shopping from their charity shop.

6. Big Brothers Big Sisters Of America

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Of America is an association with over 100 years of experience in helping children realize their potential and build a bright future. The charity is one of the most popular mentoring networks that provides one-to-one support to  children facing adversity.

Help the organization by making a donation, by volunteering as a mentor or by starting a workplace mentoring program.

Best Charities For Kids

7. Boys Hope Girls Hope

For over 40 years, Boys Hope Girls Hope has been helping academically capable kids with disadvantaged backgrounds receive a proper education and meet their full potential. The international organization operates in the US and Latin America.

If you want to improve the future of a motivated child, donate either online or by mail, subscribe as a volunteer or refer a scholar to the organization.

8. Camp Courageous

Camp Courageous is a society committed to helping kids, youth and adults with disabilities. The camp is located in Iowa and it provides opportunities for personal and social growth within a supportive environment.

Help the charity by making a financial gift, by shopping an item from the camp’s shop, by volunteering or by donating a vehicle.

9. Food Research & Action Center

The purpose of this organization is that of eradicating poverty-related hunger and undernutrition in the United States. To achieve its goal, the charity conducts public information campaigns and monitors the implementation of the law.

You can support the charity’s mission through donations and monetary gifts.

10. Canines For Disabled Kids

Canines For Disabled Kids operates under one guiding mission, namely, it aims to increase the independence of children with disabilities by promoting service dog awareness, understanding, and partnership.

There are various ways to support their mission, such as making a monetary donation, shopping for a cause or by donating a vehicle.

11. CASA For Children

CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocate and the charity’s mission is that of providing a specialized voice that can speak up for the abused and neglected children. The organization also helps abused and neglected kids find a permanent home.

You can stand for this cause by becoming a CASA volunteer, by making a one-off or monthly donation or by shopping from the corporate partners.

12. Innocent Justice

The Innocent Justice is a small organization that focuses on raising public awareness about child pornography crimes and victims in the US. The charity also aims to enable the investigation and prosecution of such offensive acts and to help children who are sexually abused.

The charity doesn’t state whether it accepts volunteers or public donations, yet it’s worth contacting them to support their cause.

13. Good Weave

If your mission is that of helping children that are forced into labor, then you might want to join and support the Good Weave’s cause. The charity is helping poor children in South Asia, North America, and Europe.

Support the cause with a monetary donation or shop from one of the corporate partners.

14. National Association For Children Of Addiction

NACOA is an association that aims to provide support to the children of alcoholic or drug-addicted parents. Some of the services provided by NACOA include primary care, educational support, social support, and faith communities.

Join the charity’s mission by raising awareness on the impacts of addiction, hosting an event or joining conversations on social media channels. You can also become a volunteer.

15. Aid For Kids

Aid For Kids has been dedicated for over 30 years to bring kids and families together through a solid program of adoption. Over the years, the organization was responsible for successfully placing over 4000 kids in orphanages into loving families.

If you also believe that every child deserves a family, support the charity’s cause by donating or becoming a volunteer.

16. Every Child Matters

In the US, 22% of the kids live in families with incomes below the federal poverty level. Every Child Matters struggles to provide each child the same opportunities by fighting discrimination, poverty, and other social barriers.

There are many ways to support the charity’s mission. Make a money gift, become a child’s advocate or simply sign their petition.

17. Love Without Boundaries

Love Without Boundaries is an international charity committed to providing hope and support to orphaned and vulnerable children from impoverished areas of the world. To do this, the charity provides food, medical aid, education and foster care programs.

Supporting the charity’s cause is easy. Shop for a cause, become a volunteer, donate, or request child information if you’re interested to adopt.

18. Healing The Children Northeast

Healing the Children Northeast is a non-profit organization founded in 1985 and whose mission is to provide medical and dental services to children from areas that lack in medical and financial resources, both nationally and abroad.

There are many ways to stand for this cause that include donations, volunteer programs or you could even sponsor a trip.

19. National FFA Organization

FFA stands for the Future Farmers of America and the charity organization aims to help students interested in agriculture receive proper training in the field. By this, the charity helps both disadvantaged children build a future while boosting the economy of the state.

There are various ways to help this cause; the most popular is to donate or shop items from the corporate partners.

Best Charities For Kids

20. Hope For The Hungry

Hope for the Hungry is an international Christian organization committed to providing pastoral care and physical support to the poorest children around the world. Through their missions, the charity provides nutrition, quality education and spiritual guidance to orphaned, abandoned or vulnerable children.

You can either donate an amount of money to support one of the charity’s mission or help in many other ways, even by volunteering.

21. National Center For Learning Disabilities

Unlike the above-mentioned charities, the National Center for Learning Disabilities doesn’t work directly with children yet it aims to help them by educating the adults to understand and meet their needs. The organization’s mission is that of providing personalized support to parents and educators of children with learning and attention issues.

This is one of the best charities for kids in America and you can support it by making a donation.

22. National Center For Missing And Exploited Children

If you want to support a charity aiming to help with issues such as child abduction and sexual exploitation, then you might want to find out more about the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The organization was founded to raise awareness, help and support the victims of child and family abduction but also to fight against online or physical sexual exploitation of kids.

The most popular way to help is donating, but you can explore the other ways you can support their cause.

23. One Sky For All Children

One Sky for all Children has a simple mission. It aims to provide love and educational support to all abandoned, orphaned or neglected children through the help of trained caregivers.

If you want to stand out and make a difference, support their cause by becoming a sponsor of a child and following his or her progress over the years.

24. Rainbows For All Children

As one of the best charities for kids, Rainbows for all Children commits to offer unbiased support to children moving away from grief and healing from a loss, be it the death of a loved one, a divorce, or any other type of trauma.

The charity accepts all forms of donations or you can become a volunteer.

25. Safe Kids Worldwide

Accidental injuries are one of the main causes of childhood death not only in the US but worldwide. Safe Kids Worldwide is an international organization aiming to protect children from unintentional injuries through educating the parents about the risks.

You can help the charity in many ways, such as connecting and raising awareness in your community or making a financial donation.

26. Seedlings Braille Books For Children

If the name of the organization didn’t make it clear, the Seedlings Braille Books for Children is a non-profit organization that provides braille books to visually impaired or blind kids. Thanks to the efforts of the volunteers and supporters, the organization is able to give the books either for free or sell them at a fraction of the manufacturing costs.

Help blind children learn how to read by volunteering or making a donation.

27. Childspring International

Childspring International is a non-profit organization committed to providing professional medical care and aid to disadvantaged children living in developing countries.

There are several ways to help the cause which includes donations but also volunteering or career opportunities.

28. Toys For Tots

As a parent, I couldn’t imagine the life of my child without toys. This is why Toys for Tots is one of the charities closest to my heart. As the name suggests, the charity is committed to providing toys to less fortunate children in the Christmas period.

You can help by donating either money or toys regardless of the state you’re living in. 

29. WACAP Adoption Program

WACAP’s Adoption Program mission is that of finding a home to orphaned or abandoned children from the USA or developing countries throughout the world.

Of course, the best way to help the charity is by making an adoption inquiry. Alternatively, you can make a donation to support their mission.

30. Zero To Three

This charity hopes to help the less fortunate infants and toddlers receive a strong start in life through providing adequate care. Moreover, the organization provides support to caring adults including grandparents and extended family members.

You can support the organization’s work by becoming a member or making a donation. 

31. 4-H

4-H is more than a charity. In fact, 4-H is a true community of more than 100 public universities that provide practical learning activities to disadvantaged children across the country in areas like science, health, citizenship, and more.

You can help their mission by volunteering to become a mentor, by making a donation or becoming a partner.

32.  A Child’s Refuge

A Child’s Refuge is a non-profit Christian charity dedicated to providing the basic needs of survival to marginalized children and families. The charity supports children in Central America, Haiti, and Guatemala, providing clean water, food, education, healthcare and vocational training.

To make a donation you can use either online resources or the traditional mail.

33. Pearl S. Buck International

Pearl S. Buck International is an international charity formed on the belief that all children deserve equal opportunities in terms of education, healthcare, and nutrition. To accomplish their mission, the organization helps children from developing countries and endangered areas.

You can get involved by sponsoring a child, making a donation or even becoming a volunteer.

34. Polly Klaas Foundation

Polly Klaas Foundation aims to offer support to the parents of a missing child and fight against sex-trafficking of minors. Such an important cause deserves all financial or moral support, and it’s no wonder why this association is considered one of the best charities for kids in America.

Show your support by making a donation. Alternatively, become a volunteer.

35. National Council For Adoptions

The purpose of this organization is pretty straightforward. The National Council For Adoptions was founded in 1980 by a group of people who believe that each child has the right to grow in a nurturing, safe, and permanent family.

The ideals of the organization are unchanged today and if you want to support them, you can make a donation or visit their online shop.

36. Bethany Christian Services

Bethany Christian Services is an international organization that focuses on providing pregnancy support, foster care and adoption opportunities for children worldwide. Other missions of this charity include family counseling and refugee services.

Since a child will receive the highest amount of love from his/her own parents, the best way to help Bethany is by sponsoring a family. Alternatively, become a member, donate, or make an adoption inquiry.

37. Boys And Girls Clubs Of America

This charity organization has a simple vision. Their purpose is to help all young people reach their full potential as responsible citizens. To do this, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America offers a series of innovative educational programs in areas such as sports and recreation, arts, career development, health and wellness, and more.

To sustain the organization you can either get involved by volunteering or become a member, or you can make a donation.

38. Child Find Of America

Noticing that your child is missing is perhaps the nightmare of every parent. In a similar situation, both parents and missing children need the commitment of the whole community to help them reunite as soon as possible.

Child Find of America is a non-profit organization that aims to prevent and resolve the cases of child abduction besides providing professional help to families.

The best way to help the organization is by making a donation either online, by phone, or by mail.

39. American Action Fund For Blind Children And Adults

The American Action Fund is a non-profit service agency specialized in providing help and support to blind people regardless of their age. The agency has the purpose to get involved and support people in those areas where government or other forms of support are insufficient.

To help the agency accomplish its purpose, you can give it a gift of cash, make a donation in the memory of a loved one or make a donation in stock shares.

40. Children Awaiting Parents

Children Awaiting Parents was born in 1972 as the initiative of a group of parents to break through the barriers of adoption. Since then, the society helped over 6000 children find their own loving families. The greatest part of the charity is that they put all their effort into finding permanent homes for those kids who are in foster care but nobody seems to truly want them.

If you’re interested in helping their cause, you can either make a gift in cash or a donation. Of course, you can also register your interest in adopting a child, become a foster parent or choose to sponsor a child.

Best Charities For Kids

41. Children’s Fund Of America

Sadly, many children were orphaned in the USA because of tragedies of national significance. While the government did its best to help those children, the truth is that many of them didn’t end up in the best of conditions. Here is where Children’s Fund of America enters the scene.

This charity’s mission is that of providing education and welfare relief to all those kids who were tragically lost their parents in tragedies. The organization is designated as one of the best charities for kids in the US and it accepts cash donations as a support for its mission.

42. Children’s Hope International

Children’s Hope International is a non-profit organization focused on providing adoption and humanitarian aid to children in need from developing countries. The agency’s efforts are focused towards children from China, Colombia, and Bulgaria, although they treat other cases as well.

If you want to help bring shelter, education, and medical care to a vulnerable and abandoned child, support the organization by adopting a child or making a donation.

43. Children’s Hunger Fund

Most of the times, when talking about disadvantaged children we think about kids from developing countries or conflict areas. But sometimes children in need might be right in front of our eyes. An organization aiming to help the kids in need from both America and developing areas is the Children’s Hunger Fund.

The organization is providing not only food and shelter but also toys, clothes, and support to disadvantaged children worldwide. You can help by volunteering or making a donation, to name just a few ways.

44. Children’s Wish Foundation International

Children’s Wish Foundation International aims to bring a smile on the face of those children suffering from a life-threatening condition, by providing them the experience of a lifetime in the form of a favorite wish. The organization commits to fulfill the wish of every child with a limited life expectancy, including the parents or immediate family in the experience.

Such a beautiful initiative deserves all support, and you can show yours by donating or volunteering.

45. Covenant House

Covenant House is a charity committed to helping homeless teenagers and young people who find themselves on the streets or in dangerous situations. Moreover, the agency provides shelter to human traffic victims besides advocating and providing continuous care to all homeless kids.

You can get involved in many ways. For instance, you can choose to spend a night sleeping with the kids, advocate their cause or raise funds.

46. Gift Of Adoption Fund

The Gift of Adoption Fund is a volunteer-driven charity formed with the purpose to raise funds and provide adoption assistance grants to complete the adoptions of vulnerable children from all over the world.

You can make a difference for a kid by making a donation that can speed up the adoption, by volunteering or by applying to adopt a child.

47. Global Children Cambodia

This charity has a simple and clear mission, help children from orphanages and underserved communities in Cambodia change their lives and aim for a brighter future by educating them and by providing character and vocational development.

You can take action by becoming a volunteer or partner, or by donating any amount to the cause.

48. Hawaii International Child

Hawaii International Child’s main purpose is that of facilitating the adoption of less fortunate children from China and Philippines and it also supports a domestic adoption program. Other services include counseling for adoptive families and biologic moms, home studies, post-placement support, and more.

You can offer support either by deciding to adopt a child or by making a cash donation.

49. Holt International

Holt International is another non-profit agency specialized in international and domestic adoptions. Besides, the agency also focuses on improving the pre-adoption lives of the children living in difficult situations.

There are many ways to show your support, either by volunteering, by sponsoring a child, by adopting or by making a donation.

50. Hope Unlimited For Children

It often happens to the children in developing countries to find themselves victims of incarceration, sex trafficking, street life, or drug addiction. Hope Unlimited for Children is a charity that provides residential care to all these adolescents in two campuses in Brazil.

If you want to contribute to the hope of these kids, donate funds, visit the kids, become their advocate or connect the organization to your church to raise awareness.

51. Children’s Angel Airlines

How would you feel if your child would need distant specialized medical evaluation but you couldn’t afford the journey? If you don’t want other parents or children to experience the despair, you can sustain the cause of the Children’s Angel Airlines.

The charity facilitates the achievement of no-cost or reduced fare tickets to commercial flights for the needy patients and their families.

52. Children Of The Night

Prostitution among children and young adults is a reality in many parts of the world. Fortunately, charities such as the Children of the Night are fighting every day to rescue these children and give them access to proper education and a brighter future.

To help them you can either donate or become a volunteer in one of their shelter and care homes.

53.  Children’s Defense Fund

Children’s Defense Fund is a national charity organization that works to lift children out of poverty. Their purpose is to provide to all kids in need health care, education, social and spiritual guidance, besides protecting them from abuse and neglect.

The best ways to sustain the organization is by supporting their work; you could also become an advocate of the cause or volunteer to help children in need.

54. Jewish Children’s National Service

Jewish Children’s National Service is a non-profit national organization with a history of over 160 years. The charity provides funding for Jewish children with special needs and also educational support to children raised in difficult situations.

Jewish or not, you can support their cause by making a donation or volunteering.

55. Kidsave Gives Older Kids Families

Let’s face it. Older kids have fewer chances of getting adopted compared to young children. Period. Fortunately, organizations such as Kidsave commit to finding nurturing families for older kids too.

Every kid has the right to grow in a supportive family, and you can sustain this cause by giving material help or by volunteering.

56. Maison Fortuné Orphanage Foundation

The name of this charity says it all. The charity has a clear goal, that of raising both funds and awareness on the orphans in Tahiti, giving those children access to proper education, shelter, nutrition, and more.

There are numerous ways to help. Choose to sponsor a child or young adult, make a donation, volunteer, or simply share their story.

57. My Stuff Bag Foundation

Helping all the children in need is impossible but bringing a smile to the faces of a few kids is more than rewarding. To do this, you can simply involve in the My Stuff Bag Foundation’s goal.

This charity works to provide unfortunate children from all over the US a few basic things a child needs, such as a stuffed animal or a cozy blanket. All these things go to the victims of domestic abuse or neglect who end up in foster care, homeless or crisis shelters.

58. National Children’s Advocacy Center

This non-profit organization is specialized in providing prevention services and prompt intervention in the cases of child abuse at a national level.

You can help the organization by becoming a community partner, by providing financial aid or support to the families in need.

59. National Children’s Alliance

The National Children’s Alliance is a professional membership organization committed to providing immediate support to the victims of child abuse. In addition, the charity also involves in helping local communities respond to such abuses.

To show your support you can either become a member or donate to the cause.

60. National Organization Of Parents Of Murdered Children

Losing a child is never easy but the parents of murdered children will probably never find their peace again. The National Organization Of Parents Of Murdered Children provides on-going emotional support to these grieving parents but also assistance to all survivors of homicide victims.

A financial donation or the donation of a vehicle are two ways of showing your support.

61. Best Buddies International

Children with special needs are always special. Nevertheless, they are rarely fully understood by the society. Best Buddies International tries to remove prejudice and offer an equal opportunity in life to all children with special needs by providing access to education, jobs, and personal development.

If you’re a parent of a child with special needs this organization can help. You can also show your support by making a donation, volunteering or advocating their cause.

62. Child Welfare League Of America

The Child Welfare League of America is a coalition of public and private agencies that work in the favor of vulnerable children and their families. The charity provides support, promote children’s growth and development and helps them build a cultural and racial identity.

There are many ways to help them, including by making a donation or becoming a member.

63. National Foster Parent Association

The National Foster Parent Association is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is that of providing the necessary support to foster families in the United States. Through their help, more families are deciding to foster children in need, contributing in this way to the proper development of the future adults.

Obviously, the best way to show your commitment and support is by becoming a foster parent yourself. If you can’t afford it, there are many other ways to help this charity.

64. Wheelchair Angels International

Wheelchair Angels International is an organization committed to making a difference in the life of the kids with motor conditions and who need a wheelchair to move freely. The charity provides wheelchairs to West Bank, Palestinian and Israel children.

If their cause inspires you, there are many ways to help. Check their website for more information.

65. Americans For International Aid And Adoption

The organization focuses on providing aid and promote international adoptions of unfortunate children from developing countries such as Korea and Bulgaria. Besides providing humanitarian aid, the charity also offers a fistful of resources about international adoptions and procedures.

The best way to help the charity is by making a donation.

Best Charities For Kids

66. The Compassionate Friends

The Compassionate Friends is a non-profit organization whose purpose is that of providing emotional support and aid to the families after the loss of a child. The organization focuses majorly on providing support to the siblings, who often are the most affected by those tragic events.

The charity is generously sponsored by the families who suffered such tragic loss.

67. Philippine Children's Fund of America

The Philippine Children's Fund of America is a charity with over 22 years of experience in providing social and medical aid to unfortunate kids in Philippine. The charity is providing food, shelter, clothes, medical care, and other goods to the unprivileged children while building strong support communities.

The charity is appreciating any support and everyone is welcomed to make a donation or become a volunteer.

68. Children International

One of the best charities for kids in America is Children International. This organization works to help needy children from poor areas escape or fight poverty. The charity bases its success on the efforts of the community and strongly advocates for the sponsorship of the needy children.

If you can’t afford to be a sponsor, it is always a great idea to make a one-off donation that can provide further benefits to the kids, such as medical care, tutoring, or job placement.

69. 4 Paws For Ability

4 Paws For Ability is a charity that focuses on enriching the lives of children with disabilities by putting well-trained dogs to their service. This is proven to increase the independence of children or persons with disabilities, while the charity also provides assistance to the families.

If you want to help the charity in its mission, you can either donate or enroll as a volunteer.

70. 1000 Mothers To Prevent Violence

This non-profit organization has the purpose to help the victims of violence providing emotional and financial support to the families. They encourage the victims of violence or the grieving mothers who lost their kids because of violent events to contact them immediately for support.

The charity accepts financial aid in any kind of donation, including the donation of vehicles.

71. A Kid’s Brain Tumor Cure

More and more often young children are subject to cancers and brain tumors. The survival rates of these kids are rather low but by supporting the scientists in finding a cure to these diseases the odds might change.

A charity involved in finding a cure for cancer is A Kid’s Brain Tumor Cure. You can support them by offering a financial aid or helping in fundraising.

72. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is another charity whose mission is that of raising awareness about the causes of cancer in kids. The agency is also committed to funding scientific research to help find cure and treatment for infant and child tumors.

You can show your support either by becoming a fundraiser or by shopping items from the charity’s store.

73. Afterschool Alliance

Afterschool Alliance’s vision is that of providing affordable and quality afterschool programs that can be attended by all children, including the needy ones. Their mission is that of increasing private and public investment in quality afterschool programs.

There are many ways to support this cause, including by signing their petition or by making a donation.

74. Adaptive Sports USA

The mission of Adaptive Sports USA is that of helping individuals with disabilities engage, evolve and gain power with the help of sport. The charity also offers education, coaching, and advocacy for all those people, many of which are children and young adults.

Help these disabled people by becoming a member of the charity or by making a financial donation.

75. Acts 1:8 Ministry

Acts 1:8 Ministry is a non-profit Christian organization whose main goal is that of creating stronger spiritual communities, helping in this way all needy people including children and young adults. The main program of the charity is Planned Acts of Christian Kindness that trains Christians to evangelize through kindness, this is why the organization is considered one of the best charities for kids.

If you believe that spiritual education and the buildup of these communities might be the answer to helping needy or endangered children, you can sustain their cause by volunteering, sharing your story, or donating funds.

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