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10 Creative And Fun Baby Announcement Ideas

10 Creative And Fun Baby Announcement Ideas

The confirmation of a pregnancy is one of the most exciting moments in the life of every woman. The baby announcement is probably the second most exciting moment for each mom-to-be. Whether you have to give the news to the dad or to your family and friends, here are 10 creative and fun baby announcement ideas to inspire you.

Baby Announcement Ideas: Tell The Dad

Baby Announcement Ideas

1. Announce With Scrabble Letters

A great idea to announce your pregnancy to the dad is with scrabble letters. You could propose your partner to play a game and let him find the scrabble board arranged with the words that announce the upcoming arrival of your little one.

To make things more clear, you can even “forget” a pregnancy test in the box. However, don’t forget to capture a picture of the dad’s face when he’ll discover the news.

2. Announce With A T-Shirt

Another creative and fun baby announcement idea is to wear a t-shirt captioning the news. The options are numerous, ranging from traditional t-shirts with phrases to more creative versions of wearable calendars.

This idea is appreciated especially by those future moms who have a passion for do-it-yourself, as it is really easy to create a personalized baby announcement t-shirt.

Just choose a white or clear garment and write the preferred baby announcement phrase on it. Alternatively, create on your t-shirt a calendar with the 40 weeks of pregnancy and circle with a red marker the week corresponding to the one you’re in.

3. Announce With A Spoon

Many moms-to-be decide to let their hubby or partner know they are going to be a dad during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There is no wonder why, as meal time represents one of the best moments for conversation.

If you want to use one of these moments to announce the upcoming arrival of the new member of your family, let the dad know by giving him a spoon captioning “You’re going to be a dad!” I guarantee it will be one of the most unforgettable meals of his life.

4.  Announce With Dad’s Root Beer

It doesn’t really matter if your partner likes root beer or not. He’ll certainly love your creative baby announcement idea and will certainly need to sip a drink while assimilating the information.

If you plan to announce your pregnancy to family and friends soon after, make sure to snap a photo of the dad as soon as he understands what’s with the unusual gift. The look on his face will certainly be priceless.

5. Announce Him With A Proposal

The moment when your hubby took out the ring and popped up the big question is probably one of your best memories. So why wouldn’t you give him a similar memory, but with a pregnancy test?

To let him know he’s going to be a dad buy a fancy box and put a pregnancy test in it. Invite your better half to dinner or take him to the place where he proposed to you, then take out the box and make him a proposal to be your baby’s dad.

Baby Announcement Ideas: Tell The Rest Of The World

Fun Baby Announcement Ideas

6. Announce With A Baby Book

A great baby announcement idea is to use a baby book to let everyone know that you’re going to be a mom. The idea is versatile and you can adapt it to different situations depending on who you want to announce.

For example, if you want to tell your parents, just send them a baby book as a gift with a note asking them to read stories to the baby that is due.

If you want to announce your pregnancy to the rest of your family and friends, take a cute family picture of you and the dad reading the baby book.

7. Announce With Scratch Cards

Scratch cards represent another creative way of announcing your pregnancy. There are many sets of scratch cards available commercially and all you have to do is send them to the members of your family and friends.

If you don’t want to miss the look on their faces when they find out the news, invite everyone at a barbeque and offer the cards at the end of the meal.

8. Announce With Siblings Or Pets

If this is not your first child, or if you have pets, you can involve them too in the announcement of the baby. If you have other kids, you can dress them in t-shirts announcing the upcoming arrival of their brother or sister.

In case you only have pets, you can nominate them as future guardians of your little baby, and upload a photo of them on social media to let everyone know about your pregnancy.

9. Announce With Shadow

It doesn’t matter if you can’t see the bump when announcing your pregnancy. A great baby announcement idea is to take a photo of your profile and ask someone add the shadow of you with the belly.

This is a really stylish way of telling your friends and family you’re expecting, especially if the photo also includes the dad and your kids if you have any.

10. Announce With A Poster

Another creative and fun baby announcement idea is to create a poster with you and your dad, letting everyone know you’re soon going to be parents.

You can either create a movie poster or a poster inspired by a musical band. The options are truly endless and the limit is your imagination.

Final Thoughts

Announcing your pregnancy doesn’t have to be dull. I hope that these creative baby announcement ideas inspired. Now, it’s time to start thinking about your baby shower and the best dress to wear at the event.

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