How To Make A Diaper Cake For Your Best Friend’s Baby Shower

How To Make A Diaper Cake For Your Best Friend’s Baby Shower

How to make a diaper cake? A question that torments many women. Whether it’s the upcoming arrival of a baby, the Christianizing of a newborn or the first birthday of your friend’s kid, all these special occasions require your present to shine.

Things are even more complicated if you’re throwing your best friend’s baby shower. Of course, you could simply buy the diaper cake and close the deal. But what’s the taste of it? Your friend will certainly like it better if it was made by you.

While there are dozens of tutorials out there, we recognize that not everyone has the talent or skills of building intricate diaper structures. That’s why we focused on simplicity. So, here’s how to make a diaper cake in less than 30 minutes.

How To Make A Diaper Cake In Less Than 30 Minutes

Choreographic, 100% useful and easy to make, a diaper cake is one of the most traditional baby shower gifts. It also makes a lovely baby shower decoration and, although there are dozens on the market, making one yourself will guarantee its originality.

The diaper cake proposed in this how-to guide is easy to make. By simply decorating it with the objects of your choice you’ll achieve a different cake each time you make it. And both mom and baby will be able to use everything. From the diapers to the stuffed animals you include.

For The Cake

  • Diapers – 30 for a two-tier cake and 60 for a three-tier cake;
  • Colored rubber bands – at least five more than the diapers;
  • A long cardboard roll or many toilet paper rolls (without the paper);
  • A round cake plate;
  • Adhesive tape;
  • Scissors.

For Decorations

  • Ribbons – the color of your choice;
  • Baby socks;
  • Baby onesies;
  • Baby toys and small essentials (pacifier, baby care products, baby or pregnancy books, rubber duck, etc.);
  • A medium-size stuffed toy.

How To Make The Diaper Cake

diaper cake

Step 1 – Prepare The Base

The first thing to do is to prepare the base of the cake. Take the round cake plate – use one made of plastic or cardboard – and determine its middle with a ruler. Now, stick the cardboard roll to the base with adhesive tape (you can alternatively use glue, in which case let it dry).

If you decided to use toilet paper rolls, determine first the height of the cake, then make a long roll out of the toilet paper rolls sticking them together with adhesive tape.

Once you’re done, take an antimicrobial wipe and clean both the base of the cake and the cardboard (toilet paper) roll.

Step 2 – Build The Cake

It’s not time to build up the cake. Before handling the diapers, wash your hands carefully. One of the main reasons moms throw away diaper cakes or let them rot in a garage is because they don’t want to put dirty diapers on their little ones.

By following minimal hygiene practices, your best friend will be tempted to actually use the diapers in the cake.

With your hand washed, take a diaper out of the pack and roll it up starting from the final part, or the part that goes against the baby’s back and tummy. Roll the diaper as tightly as you can and fasten it with a colored rubber band, to keep it together. Place the rolled diaper on the cake stand, next to the central cardboard roll and in a vertical position.

Roll up as many diapers as needed to form a complete circle around the central “pole” and fasten all diapers with an elastic band around the pole.

You should now make a second circle of diapers for a two-tier cake or second and third circles for a three-tier cake. Follow the same procedure; roll up a diaper and secure it with an elastic band. Place it in the middle of two diapers in the first row, then continue with other diapers until you have a complete circle, then fasten the circle with an elastic band.

Once the base of the cake is ready, continue with the second and third tiers following the same procedure. To make the second layer, roll up a diaper, fasten it, and place it in a vertical position next to the pole and on top of another diaper. Continue to form a full circle.

If you’re making a two-tier cake, the upper level needs a single circle of diapers. For a three-tier cake, make two circles on the second level and a single circle on the top level. Fasten each complete circle with rubber bands to keep the cake in place.

Step 3 – Decorate The Cake

Just like a traditional cake, a diaper cake needs decorations to be complete. At  this stage, you can use your imagination and top up the cake with whatever you want. If the baby shower has a specific theme, you can choose matching decorations.

Making a baby girl, baby boy, or gender-neutral cake is also easy by simply selecting decorations in a gender-specific or gender-neutral color.

Regardless of your choice, you’ll need sufficient ribbon to tie around each tier. This will hide the rubber band and will give a more festive touch to the installation.

Use baby socks to make roses for your cake, by simply rolling two socks together and passing the edge of one sock around the roll, to hold the rose together. You can even make roses out of onesies or swaddle blankets.

To complete the cake, decorate each tier with baby essentials, such as pacifiers, teething toys, rubber ducks, plush animals, bibs, or anything else you want to include in the present. Fix a medium-sized stuffed animal on top of the cake and cover everything with transparent cellophane.

Tie everything with a beautiful ribbon, attach a cute baby shower card on your gift and let the mom know you’ve made the diaper cake yourself, so she can use the diapers without concerns.

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