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Swaddling Transition – How And When To Stop Swaddling

Swaddling transition is a painful concern for most new moms. That’s because most newborns sleep like angels when swaddled but can turn into little devils when the swaddle is out of sight. If not so long ago new parents kept asking why to swaddle the baby in the first place, today’s question is why, when, […]

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20 Myths And Truths About Co-Sleeping You Should Know

Worshiped by some and criticized by others, co-sleeping is surrounded by numerous myths. But what is co-sleeping after all? Find it out below; then, if you believe sharing the bed is for you, check out the top twenty myths and truths about co-sleeping. What Is Co-Sleeping? Also called bed-sharing, co-sleeping is just what it seems […]

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Top 21 Benefits Of Breastfeeding For Baby And Mom

After the joy of a pregnancy confirmation, it comes the time to get ready for the baby. One of the main concerns of first-time moms is the baby’s future diet. Although breastfeeding seems the most logical solution, many women decide to go for formula instead. Yet, here are 21 benefits of breastfeeding for baby and […]

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Extended Breastfeeding: What Is It And Can It Work For You?

Have you ever heard of extended breastfeeding? Have you ever thought about breastfeeding your child way after the weaning stage? Until when should you breastfeed? According to the World Health Organization, it is recommended to exclusively breastfeed your child for the first six months and supplement his diet with solid foods after this stage, up to […]

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11 Baby-Led Weaning Things To Know Before You Get Started

Have you ever heard of baby-led weaning? Also known as feeding on request, this practice is an alternative to traditional weaning that may just work better. While breast milk should be the baby’s only food for the first six months of life, after this threshold you should begin introducing solids to your baby’s diet. There are […]

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Pregnancy Week By Week: Fetal Development And Stages

Did you just find out you’re pregnant or are you planning a pregnancy? Then you’re probably curious to learn more about the fetal developmental stages. This pregnancy week by week guide will highlight your baby’s size throughout the nine months and the intrauterine milestones that may concern you. Doctors calculate the 40 weeks of pregnancy from […]

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Pregnancy Diet: 11 Rules To Follow

A pregnant woman must take care of herself and of the new life she’s carrying in the womb. The pregnancy diet, therefore, must be nutritious and balanced. Eating for two isn’t the way to go. In fact, during the first trimester, you don’t need extra calories at all. Add about 300 calories in the second quarter  […]

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27 Unexpected Pregnancy Symptoms And Signs

Pregnancy is one of the most magical moments in a woman’s life. But this rewarding period comes with awkward affections. Wondering which is the weirdest? Here are 27 unexpected pregnancy symptoms and signs.1. LightheadednessMost women imagine morning sickness and food carvings as the first signs of a pregnancy. Morning sickness is indeed one of the […]

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Pregnancy Calculator: How Much Does It Cost To Have A Baby

Thinking about starting a family? Then you may need a pregnancy calculator to figure out the cost of the pregnancy. According to several studies, many fertile women delay getting pregnant because of the high costs that come with having a baby. And it’s not only the money needed to raise the child. Prenatal care, childbirth and […]

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