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Best Baby Ear Protection Headphones Reviews 2019

Babies and children are delicate creatures, and one of their most delicate senses is hearing. This doesn’t mean you have to keep your little one in a bubble of glass and away from the real world. Baby ear protection, ear muffs or baby headphones can help protect their hearing. There are a ton of noise cancelling headphones for […]

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The Best Baby Detergent For Delicate Or Sensitive Skin

All baby clothes and accessories should be properly washed and sanitized. Even if they are new! For this reason, many moms are wondering which is the best baby detergent for the delicate skin of their babies. Things are even trickier if your bundle of joy has sensitive skin. To help all moms in this tough choice, […]

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The Best Baby Bedding For Boys: 5 Original Ideas

The arrival of a child is a true blessing for all parents. For this reason, the little bundle of joy must be welcomed in the best possible way. This means preparing with care everything that your baby will come in contact with, including the baby bedding. If your bundle of joy is a boy, you might […]

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The Best Baby Crib: A Guide For New Parents

Most future moms are super excited when the moment of decorating the nursery arrives. Decorating the baby’s room is a barrel of fun, but a thing to remember is that the newborn will truly need only a few essentials things. And one of them is the baby crib.  When my first baby arrived I knew nothing […]

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Best Portable Changing Pad Reviews For 2019

Every parent knows that changing the baby is tricky. Things are even trickier when you have to change the baby on the go. Changing tables present in various restrooms are hardly clean enough to put your baby on them and sometimes you might not even have access to one. A travel changing pad is essential in […]

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The Best Baby Carrier For Newborns And Infants

In the first months of life, a baby needs a constant contact with his mom and dad. The stroller and crib are indispensable when the baby is asleep, but when the baby is awake a baby carrier is more indicated. But what is the best baby carrier?  This article aims to be a guide for all […]

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