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Best Swaddle Blankets: An Objective Review

Swaddling is a practice used for the newborn babies since the ancient times. If in the past this technique was used immediately after birth with the sole purpose of straightening the limbs, recent studies show that swaddling actually makes the baby feel more comfortable, giving him a sense of confidence and “containment” that is indispensable […]

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Best Baby Sound Machine To Promote Quality Sleep

Making a newborn sleep is not easy. You not only have to worry about the right swaddling technique and the right amount of rocking, but you also have to worry about the right level of noise. In fact, many parents notice that their baby tends to sleep better when a background noise can be heard. […]

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Best Teething Toys for Babies

There are really few babies who pass through the teething phase without much trouble. Hypersalivation, sharp pain, fever and restless are just a few of the most common symptoms of teething in infants. The ability to predict the duration of the symptoms or their severity is close to zero, and so are the definitive remedies. Yes, […]

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Best Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding

rMany international and national health organizations advise that babies up to seven months old should be exclusively breastfed, while the babies from seven months to about two years should be fed with both breastmilk and solid food. Since feeding the baby is one of the main activities of a new mom, if you have a […]

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Best Portable Stroller Fan Reviews For Your Baby 2019

To help your baby cool down during the regular strolls, one of best thing to do is to equip the stroller with a “clip on” or portable stroller fan. This  accessory will improve the comfort of your little one, while it will also reduces the chance of overheating. To help you choose the best stroller fan, we put […]

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Best Pacifiers for Breastfed Babies

The pacifier is nothing else but a surrogate of the mother’s breast. For newborn and infants, sucking satisfies a basic need, that of nutrition, but this operation also allows them to establish a direct contact with the mother. For this reason, a pacifier that recalls the mother’s nipple can be beneficial for a small baby. On […]

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Best Crib For Twins In 2019

A crib is essential baby gear your bundle of joy needs. But if finding a standard crib is confusing, how on earth can you find the best crib for twins when there are two babies in the oven? Don’t let questions and doubts torment you! It’s hard to figure out everything on your own and that’s […]

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